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Gaming1 to Revamp Swiss Casinos with New Licenses and Innovations



Gaming1 Elevates Swiss Casino Experience with Innovative Overhaul

With new licenses and revamps, Casino Davos and Casino Crans-Montana are poised for a fresh, modern look.

Picture state-of-the-art casinos with sports bars, seminar rooms, and stunning lakeside views.

Dive into Gaming1’s ambitious plans to redefine the casino experience in Switzerland.

Gaming1’s Strategic Expansion in Switzerland

Belgium-based Gaming1 has embarked on a significant transformation of its Swiss casinos. The company became the main shareholder of Casino Davos in 2021.


New Concessions for a New Era

Switzerland’s Federal Council has awarded Gaming1’s subsidiary, Circus Casino France, licenses to operate Casino Davos and Casino Crans-Montana from 2025 to 2044.

Revitalizing Casino Davos

Plans include relocating Casino Davos to enhance its development. The new venue will feature a sports bar, amplifying the gaming experience.

Modernizing Casino Crans-Montana

At Casino Crans-Montana, Gaming1 envisions adding a sports bar, seminar rooms, and function spaces. A new restaurant area with lakeside views is also planned.

Cementing Gaming1’s Market Presence

These concessions solidify Gaming1’s position in Switzerland’s land-based gaming sector. The company first entered this market with Casino Davos in 2017.


Online Casino License: Next Frontier

Gaming1 aims to extend its footprint by acquiring an online casino license in Switzerland, further diversifying its offerings.

CEO Emmanuel Mewissen’s Vision

Chief Executive Emmanuel Mewissen expresses pride in these developments. He acknowledges the quality of Gaming1’s management and strategy in securing these concessions.

Acknowledgment of Authorities’ Trust

Mewissen thanks authorities for their confidence in Gaming1, highlighting the significance of these new projects.


Switzerland’s Expanding Casino Landscape

The Federal Council’s recent decision to increase casino licenses from 17 to 22 areas marks a new phase in Swiss gaming. Gaming1’s casinos are part of this expanding landscape.

Type A and B Licenses and Online Gaming

The new licenses include 10 type A and 12 type B, with the latter featuring a maximum stake limit. Currently, 12 land-based casinos are licensed for online gaming.

Conclusion: Gaming1’s Innovative Leap Forward

Gaming1’s investment in Swiss casinos showcases a commitment to innovation and quality in the gaming sector. By enhancing the casino experience and pursuing online licenses, Gaming1 is set to redefine entertainment and gaming in Switzerland, promising an exciting future for players and the industry.


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Transforming the UK’s Online Gambling Landscape



The introduction of spin limits for online slots by the UK government is more than just a regulatory adjustment; it’s a bold stride towards a safer, more responsible gambling environment. With a nuanced approach that considers both the welfare of players and the economic realities of the gambling industry, this regulation could serve as a blueprint for other jurisdictions grappling with similar issues. As the details of this regulation are unveiled, it will be imperative for all stakeholders to collaborate, ensuring that the benefits of safer gambling are realized for all involved.

Revolutionizing Online Gambling for Enhanced Safety

In a landmark decision poised to reshape the contours of online gambling, the UK government is set to introduce a spin limit for online slot machines. This pivotal move not only marks a significant milestone in the regulation of online gambling but also underscores the government’s commitment to fostering a safer and more responsible gaming environment. As anticipation builds, the gambling community and stakeholders await what could be a transformative regulation, set to align online slots with their land-based counterparts in terms of betting limits.

The Genesis of a Groundbreaking Regulation

For years, the conversation around gambling regulation in the UK has been intensifying, with a keen focus on the digital sphere. The advent of online gambling has brought with it unprecedented accessibility and convenience, leading to a surge in popularity. However, this growth has not been without its challenges. Concerns over problem gambling and the need for more stringent controls have been at the forefront of regulatory discussions. It was against this backdrop that the UK government embarked on a comprehensive review, culminating in the publication of a gambling white paper in April last year. This document laid the groundwork for what would become a highly anticipated regulation on spin limits for online slots.

Striking a Balance: The Proposed Spin Limits

The government’s proposal to introduce spin limits is not without precedent. In 2019, a £2 per spin limit was successfully implemented on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs), a move that was hailed for its positive impact on gambling behavior. Taking cues from this, the proposed online slots regulation aims to extend similar controls to the digital domain. The expected dual-tier system, with £2 limits for under-25s and £5 for those older, represents a thoughtful approach to protect younger and potentially more vulnerable players, while still offering flexibility for adult gamblers.


The Economic Implications: A Balancing Act

The introduction of spin limits is not without its critics, particularly from within the gambling industry. The potential financial repercussions are a significant concern, with online slots being a major revenue generator. In the 12 months ending March 2023, online casinos in the UK generated £4bn, with slots accounting for £3.2bn of this total. The new regulation could, therefore, represent a substantial financial hit to the industry. However, the government appears to be prioritizing public health and safety over profit, a stance that is both commendable and necessary in the context of responsible gambling.

Navigating Challenges: The Road Ahead

The path to implementing these new regulations has not been without its hurdles. An error in the original consultation documentation regarding problem gambling rates among 16 to 24-year-olds led to an extension of the consultation period. This hiccup, however, has not deterred the government’s resolve. The corrected data, showing a problem gambling rate of 0.8% in this age group, reinforces the need for targeted measures to protect young adults from the potential harms of excessive gambling.

A New Era of Responsible Gambling

As the UK government gears up to announce the new spin limits, the move is being watched closely by both proponents and opponents of the regulation. For supporters, this represents a significant step forward in the fight against problem gambling and the promotion of safer gambling practices. Critics, particularly those from the gambling industry, worry about the financial impact. Nonetheless, the overriding sentiment is one of cautious optimism. By striking a balance between protecting vulnerable players and sustaining a vibrant gambling industry, the UK can lead the way in responsible online gambling.


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