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France Achieves Record €13.4bn Gambling Revenue in 2023



France Sets New Record in Gambling Revenue: Strategic Insights and Future Implications

A Remarkable Leap in France’s Gambling Sector: A Year of Record Growth and Responsible Innovations – In 2023, France’s gambling landscape not only rebounded but soared to unprecedented heights, achieving a record gross gambling revenue (GGR) of €13.4 billion. This milestone is a testament to the resilience and dynamism of the French market, which has embraced regulatory excellence and innovation to foster sustainable growth and consumer protection.

Comprehensive Overview of France’s Gambling Success:

Record-Breaking Performance: 2023 was a landmark year for the French gambling industry, marked by a significant 3.5% increase in GGR from the previous year. This growth outpaced the average European increase, affirming France’s leading position in the gambling sector. The Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), France’s gambling regulator, has highlighted this achievement, underscoring the success of stringent regulations paired with market-friendly policies.

Online Gambling: A Thriving Sector: The online gambling segment in France experienced robust growth, with a notable 7.2% increase in GGR, reaching €2.3 billion. This segment has shown exceptional resilience and adaptability post-pandemic, with increasing participation across various forms of digital gambling, except for a slight dip in sports betting player numbers.

Key Drivers of Growth: The resurgence of sports betting, particularly online, played a pivotal role in this growth narrative. Despite the absence of major sporting events in 2023, sports betting GGR grew by 6.4% to €1.5 billion. The anticipation of Euro 2024 and the Olympic Games in Paris promises further upward trajectories in betting activities.


The Role of Prominent Operators: La Française des Jeux (FDJ) and Pari-Mutuel Urbain (PMU), two of France’s flagship operators, significantly contributed to this growth. FDJ, in particular, saw a 1.8% increase in its GGR, amounting to €6.6 billion, driven by diverse gaming offerings and an expanding customer base.

Casino Sector’s Remarkable Recovery: The traditional casino sector also saw a revival, with an 8.1% increase in GGR, totaling €2.7 billion. This recovery was spearheaded by the popularity of slot machines, which continue to be the cornerstone of casino revenue in France.

Challenges and Regulatory Focus:

Responsible Gaming Initiatives: With the increase in gambling activities, the ANJ has intensified its focus on responsible gaming. The regulator has been proactive in implementing measures to mitigate gambling-related harm, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding vulnerable groups, especially with the impending influx of major sports events.

Monitoring and Compliance: The ANJ has commended the efforts towards compliance and responsible gambling practices across operators. However, it remains vigilant, ensuring that the operators adhere to the highest standards of consumer protection and ethical gaming.


Future Regulatory Enhancements: Looking forward, the ANJ plans to refine its regulatory framework to better align with the evolving dynamics of the gambling market. This includes enhancing anti-money laundering measures and integrating more robust consumer protection protocols.

Implications for the Future:

Sustaining Growth Amid Regulatory Challenges: As the French gambling industry continues to grow, balancing commercial success with stringent regulatory oversight will be crucial. The industry must navigate the fine line between innovation and compliance, ensuring that growth does not compromise ethical standards or consumer safety.

Anticipation of Global Sporting Events: With major events like Euro 2024 and the Paris Olympic Games on the horizon, the gambling sector is poised for significant expansion. These events will not only boost sports betting but also enhance the visibility and engagement of the French gambling market on a global scale.

Continued Focus on Innovation and Responsibility: The commitment to innovation, coupled with a focus on responsible gambling, will be key to maintaining the momentum. France’s approach serves as a model for how robust regulation and innovative market strategies can coexist to foster a thriving gambling ecosystem.



France’s record-breaking gambling revenue in 2023 is a clear indicator of the sector’s vitality and the effectiveness of its regulatory framework. As the industry looks to the future, it remains dedicated to upholding the principles of responsible gambling while embracing the opportunities presented by technological advancements and international sporting events. With continued vigilance and innovation, France is set to remain at the forefront of the global gambling industry, offering valuable insights and standards for others to follow.

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