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Feda Mecan Joins Huddle: A Strategic Move to Revolutionize Sportsbook Technology



Feda Mecan Elevates Huddle with Strategic Expertise and Visionary Leadership

In a move signaling significant advancement in sportsbook technology, Feda Mecan, co-founder of KaFe Rocks, announces his new role as an advisor to Huddle, a US-focused sportsbook supplier. Mecan’s rich background as an early investor in Huddle and his extensive experience in supporting various sports and tech start-ups position him as a pivotal asset in driving Huddle’s strategic growth and development.

A Synergy of Experience and Innovation

Mecan’s transition to Huddle’s advisory team comes with high expectations. His successful tenure in the gaming industry, marked by his instrumental roles at notable companies like Fliff, BeyondPlay, and DoNotPay, underscores his capability to foster significant growth and technological advancements at Huddle.

Huddle’s CEO Embraces Mecan’s Expertise

Francesco Borgosano, CEO of Huddle, warmly welcomes Mecan to the team. He emphasizes the value of Mecan’s dual expertise as both an operator and founder, which is crucial to Huddle’s journey through a dynamic phase of innovation and expansion. Borgosano anticipates Mecan’s strategic insights to greatly benefit Huddle’s shareholders and overall business trajectory.

Huddle: A Specialized Sportsbook Innovator

Specializing in trading solutions for gaming operators, Huddle is uniquely positioned in the US sportsbook market. Offering an array of services, including pre-play and in-play betting markets, same-game parlays, and micro-betting, the company holds an impressive 14 supplier licenses across the United States, including a critical license in New York.


Feda Mecan’s Distinguished Career Journey

Mecan’s career spans significant roles within the industry, from leading Ladbrokes’ DACH region operations to managing BetVictor’s initiatives in German-speaking territories. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to found and later sell an affiliate, followed by the successful co-founding of KaFe Rocks, culminating in GiG’s acquisition of the company for €35m, marking Mecan’s second notable exit.

A Vision for Industry Transformation

Mecan’s LinkedIn post about his appointment with Huddle reflects his passion for improving the technological backbone of the gaming industry. His decision to join Huddle as an advisor aligns with his vision to drive innovation and excellence in sportsbook technology.


Feda Mecan’s strategic alliance with Huddle is more than an advisory role—it represents a commitment to reshaping the sportsbook technology landscape. His vast experience and visionary approach are set to propel Huddle to new heights, enhancing its offerings and solidifying its position as a leader in the gaming industry. As Mecan embarks on this new journey, the gaming world eagerly anticipates the innovative breakthroughs that his guidance will bring to Huddle and the wider betting market.


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Norway’s Gaming Revolution: Thriving Live Streams and Casino Ventures



A New Era of Digital Entertainment in Norway: Gaming and Live Streaming Take Center Stage

Norway’s gaming scene is undergoing an unparalleled transformation, with live gaming and streaming becoming the heart of digital entertainment. The Norwegian gaming community, a melting pot of age groups, is increasingly gravitating towards the online realm, joining a burgeoning group of live streamers. This transition is not just about gaming; it’s about creating a vibrant platform for community interaction and showcasing competitive prowess on a global stage.

Surging Popularity of Live Casino and Streaming

The evolution of live casino sites and apps in Norway signifies a major leap in online gaming. Using streaming technology, these platforms offer an immersive experience, bringing games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat to life. With projections indicating a 7.26% growth in the live gaming market, the future looks promising for Norway’s gaming landscape.

The Booming Live Gaming Scene in Numbers

Norway’s live gaming market is set to achieve remarkable milestones. By 2028, it’s expected to amass 1.9 million players and generate $100 million in market volume. Despite a slight decline in Twitch streaming, the Nordic region has seen a 36% increase in local-language streaming, highlighting the diversified appeal of live gaming.

Gaming Demographics: A Nation of Gamers

Norway’s gaming demographics reveal a nation passionately engaged in digital play. Teenagers lead the charge, with 71% playing video games daily. Adults and seniors also contribute significantly, reflecting the universal appeal of gaming across generations. The introduction of esports in high school curriculums further cements gaming’s role in Norwegian culture.


Live Casino Games: A Fresh Dimension to Online Gambling

Live dealer games are revolutionizing online gambling in Norway, offering interactive sessions that rival traditional casino experiences. With stringent regulations governing casino sites, streaming introduces a social element, attracting a diverse audience. Despite the challenges of a state-monopolized online gaming sector, many Norwegian players explore international casino sites, underlining the potential for growth in live casino gaming.

The Reign of Mobile Gaming

Smartphones are now the primary tool for gaming in Norway, surpassing traditional consoles. The country’s robust mobile infrastructure supports this shift, facilitating seamless streaming and online play. This trend extends to the iGaming scene, with live dealer games gaining traction among mobile users.

Convergence of Gaming and Gambling

The lines between video gaming and gambling are blurring, especially with live casino games offering competitive and social elements akin to video game streaming. With tournaments and events gaining popularity, the potential for crossover between gamers and gamblers is immense, promising a dynamic future for both sectors.

Looking Ahead: Norway’s Gaming Landscape

As Norway continues to make significant strides in gaming and streaming, it’s clear that live entertainment is the future of digital leisure. With advanced mobile technology, a strong gaming culture, and live streaming bridging the gap between gamers and gamblers, the stage is set for continued growth and innovation. As the legal framework evolves, Norway stands poised to further cement its position as a leading gaming hub in the Nordic region and beyond.


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