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Two New Online Poker Rooms to Launch in Nevada by 2025



Nevada’s Online Poker Landscape Set to Expand with Two New Rooms by 2025

A Royal Flush in the Making: Nevada to Welcome New Online Poker Rooms – As the beacon of gambling innovation, Nevada continues to evolve with significant developments in its online poker offerings. The Nevada Gaming Commission’s recent approval for MGM Resorts and Z4 Poker to activate their online licenses heralds a promising shift, potentially ending’s long-standing monopoly in the state by 2025. This strategic expansion could redefine the Silver State’s online poker scene, offering more variety and enhanced competition.

MGM Resorts Spearheads Change with BetMGM Poker:

Despite entering the online poker scene later than its initial launch, MGM Resorts is poised to shake up Nevada’s online poker market with the introduction of its BetMGM poker platform. This move comes after the Nevada Gaming Commission granted MGM its 14th consecutive waiver, underscoring a calculated approach to integrating BetMGM into Nevada’s online gambling ecosystem. With successful operations in Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, BetMGM’s expansion into Nevada is not just anticipated but seen as a strategic evolution in offering premium online poker experiences.

Chandler Pohl, representing MGM Interactive, reassured that while specific timelines remain fluid, the infrastructure for BetMGM poker in Nevada is virtually ready, suggesting that the launch could very well precede the April 2025 waiver expiry. This anticipation builds on MGM’s commitment to enriching Nevada’s gambling landscape while adhering to regulatory expectations.

Z4 Poker: Crafting a Boutique Online Experience:

Parallel to MGM’s broad-scale operations, Z4 Poker is carving out its niche with a distinct approach. Already known for its popular social poker room, HD Poker, Z4 Poker is transitioning to real money gaming. Founder Eric Colvin revealed to the Nevada Gaming Commission that their platform, a decade in the making and $30 million in development costs, is nearing completion. With 85% of the project finished, Z4 Poker aims to offer a “best-in-class” online poker experience, tailored to enthusiast expectations and sustainable business practices.


Challenges and Opportunities in Nevada’s Online Poker Market:

Nevada, synonymous with gambling, paradoxically sports limited online options. Current regulations favor physical casino visits and have been slow to embrace the full spectrum of online gambling. Online poker, legalized in 2013, has seen modest growth, primarily due to the small local market and limited operator interest. The inclusion of MGM and Z4 Poker could significantly alter this landscape, introducing new dynamics and player pools.

Regulatory Framework and Future Projections:

The regulatory environment in Nevada is pivotal. The state’s approach to digital expansion, player pool sharing with states like Delaware, Michigan, and New Jersey, and meticulous licensure processes underscore a cautious yet forward-thinking strategy. The introduction of major players such as MGM and Z4 Poker is anticipated to invigorate the market, potentially increasing player traffic and overall engagement within the state and beyond.


As Nevada continues to uphold its reputation as a leader in gambling innovations, the entry of BetMGM and Z4 Poker into its online poker market marks a new chapter of growth and diversification. This expansion not only enhances Nevada’s competitive edge but also aligns with broader trends towards digitalization in gambling. With regulatory support and industry expertise, Nevada is set to redefine what it means to bet online, ensuring that the thrill of poker is just a click away for its residents. As 2025 approaches, the anticipation for these new gaming experiences grows, promising to reshape Nevada’s gambling narrative for the better.


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