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Danish Study Reveals: High Bonuses Drive Gambling on Unlicensed Sites



Discover the driving forces behind the choice to gamble on unlicensed sites in Denmark, as unveiled by a recent study.

High bonuses and a diverse array of games serve as powerful incentives, while control, credibility, and language accessibility steer players toward licensed platforms. This comprehensive examination, conducted through an online survey, sheds light on the motivations of Danish gamblers. Join us in exploring the intriguing findings and implications of this study.

Unmasking the Motivations: A Danish Gambling Study

In an insightful revelation, a Danish study has peeled back the layers of online gambling behavior, particularly on unlicensed sites. This study, a collaborative effort between Denmark’s regulator Spillemyndigheden and Statistics Denmark, employed an online survey. The aim was to gain a deeper understanding of why some Danish citizens opt for unlicensed gambling sites over their regulated counterparts.

The target demographic comprised Danish citizens aged 15 or older as of October 1, 2022, resulting in a robust sample size of 30,070 individuals. The study’s findings provide valuable insights into the dynamics of the Danish online gambling landscape.

Unlicensed Gambling: Driven by Bonuses and Game Variety

The study’s most notable revelation centers around the motivations that lead Danish players to choose unlicensed gambling sites. Astonishingly, it’s the allure of higher bonuses and a more diverse selection of games that drives many to this unregulated realm.


Of those surveyed, 21.7% reported engaging in online gambling for real money within the past year. This figure translates to approximately 1,082,000 Danish individuals.

However, what truly stands out is that 2.1% of respondents admitted to knowingly participating in unlicensed online gambling within the previous 12 months. This percentage rises to 3.8% when accounting for those who played on sites lacking permission to offer gambling in Denmark, totaling 41,000 individuals. Remarkably, over half of these players were aware of the illicit nature of their chosen sites.

Preference for Legal Platforms and Legal Challenges

Despite the availability of unlicensed options, the majority of players who have experienced both licensed and unlicensed sites tend to favor the legal offerings. An impressive 61.7% primarily engage with licensed platforms, while 19.1% lean towards unlicensed sites, and 19.2% evenly distribute their gameplay between the two.

A detailed breakdown of the study reveals that among those playing on unlicensed sites, 43.4% were drawn to online casinos, and 34.2% engaged in skin betting. It’s important to note that skin betting is expressly prohibited in Denmark, rendering any participation automatically illegal.


Intriguingly, 25.7% of respondents cited higher bonuses as the driving force behind their choice of unlicensed sites. However, the majority—36.9%—opted for these platforms because they offered games not available through licensed entities.

Online Discoveries and Regulatory Responses

Exploring how players stumbled upon unlicensed offerings, the study revealed that 68.2% conducted internet searches on their own. Additionally, 66.3% discovered these sites through videos and streaming platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat. This highlights the role of online content in attracting users to unlicensed gambling.

Recent regulatory actions have sought to curb illegal gambling advertising. In one instance, a Twitch streamer was fined DKK10,000 by Spillemyndigheden for promoting gambling without the necessary permissions. Similarly, the Copenhagen City Court took action in 2023 by blocking 49 sites offering illegal gambling in Denmark. These sites predominantly featured casino games like roulette, poker, and slots.


The Danish study offers a revealing glimpse into the motivations of gamblers who opt for unlicensed sites, with high bonuses and game variety emerging as significant factors. While some players are drawn to these platforms, regulatory actions in Denmark continue to crack down on illegal gambling advertising and operations. The majority of players still prefer the safety and legitimacy offered by licensed platforms. As the gambling landscape evolves, understanding these dynamics becomes crucial for regulators and operators alike.


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