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Brazil’s Online Betting Sector Surges with 95% Traffic Increase in 2023



Brazil’s Online Betting Scene Explodes with a 95% Increase in Traffic

Brazil’s online betting landscape has witnessed an unprecedented surge in activity, with a stunning 95% increase in traffic to betting sites between September and November 2023. This significant uptick has been captured in a comprehensive study by Similarweb, a leader in Digital Marketing Intelligence.

Dominant Players in a Booming Market

The study revealed that just 1% of the online betting sites accounted for a whopping 66% of the total visits, highlighting the dominance of a few key players in this rapidly expanding market. The standout platforms leading the charge are bet365, Betnacional, Betano, Pixbet, Sportingbet, and KTO, each capturing a significant share of the traffic.

Major Events Fueling the Betting Fever

Major sporting events have played a pivotal role in this growth, with events like the Pan American Games in Santiago and the Copa Libertadores semifinals and finals acting as major catalysts. The thrill of these competitions has drawn a vast number of bettors to online platforms, eager to engage in the excitement.

A Comprehensive Look at the Betting Industry

From September to November 2023, online betting sites accumulated a staggering 2.1 billion visits, with an average duration of 6 minutes per visit. In November alone, these sites saw 61.4 million unique visitors, indicating that nearly 41% of Brazil’s adult population engaged in online betting during this period.


Diversified Growth across Betting Segments

While sports betting sites enjoyed an 80.6% increase in visits, other betting segments also saw substantial growth. Casino sites’ visits rose by 118.35%, lottery sites by 55.2%, poker by 27.5%, and bingo by 55.8%. This diversified growth underscores the expanding appeal of various online betting forms among Brazilian audiences.

Expectations for Year-End Trends

As 2023 draws to a close, Similarweb anticipates a shift in focus within the betting industry. With the decline in sports competitions, other betting segments like casino, lottery, poker, and bingo are expected to gain prominence, replicating a trend observed in 2022. The festive season, particularly around the end-of-year holidays, is likely to see a spike in lottery betting as Brazilians place their bets on various draws.

In summary, Brazil’s online betting scene is not just thriving; it’s booming. The market’s staggering growth, driven by major sporting events and a diverse array of betting options, paints a picture of an industry on the rise, with immense potential for further expansion in the years to come.


Jerome, a valuable addition to the Gamingo.News team, brings with him extensive journalistic experience in the iGaming sector. His interest in the industry was sparked during his college years when he participated in local poker tournaments, eventually leading to his exposure to the burgeoning world of online poker and casino rooms. Jerome now utilizes his accumulated knowledge to fuel his passion for journalism, providing the team with the latest online scoops.

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Eduardo Sevilla Steps Down as President of Peru’s Gambling Regulator



Navigating New Horizons: Peru’s Gambling Regulation Under Transformation

Peru’s gambling landscape is undergoing a significant transition with the departure of Eduardo Sevilla Echevarría from the helm of the Directorate General for Casino Games and Slot Machines (DGJCMT). Serving for nearly two years, Sevilla’s exit marks the end of an era and ushers in a period of recalibration for Peru’s gambling regulatory framework. The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR) has officially concluded Sevilla’s tenure, paving the way for fresh leadership amid evolving regulatory challenges.

Legislative Overhaul: A New Chapter for Peruvian Gambling

Peru’s gambling sector is poised at the cusp of a new chapter, with the recent implementation of Law No. 31806. This pivotal legislation, activating on February 9, revises the 1999 Gambling Law, introducing comprehensive updates across tax collection, anti-money laundering (AML) measures, and the promotion of responsible gambling. A standout requirement for gambling operators to establish a local presence underscores Peru’s commitment to tighter regulatory oversight and enhanced industry standards.

The Sevilla Legacy: Steering Through Regulatory Reforms

Under Eduardo Sevilla’s stewardship, the DGJCMT navigated the intricate process of regulatory reform, laying the groundwork for the enactment of the updated gambling laws. Sevilla’s diverse background, spanning roles in tourism and as a director for the Cámara Nacional de Turismo (Canatur), enriched his approach to regulating a sector at the intersection of entertainment, tourism, and commerce. His leadership was instrumental in steering the regulatory body through a landscape marked by rapid technological advancements and shifting global gambling trends.

A Call for Integrity: Safeguarding Sports and Betting

The need for robust regulatory frameworks has never been more evident, as highlighted by the Association of Professional Footballers of Peru (Safap)’s recent call for an investigation into Liga 1 matches over suspicions of manipulation for betting purposes. Such concerns accentuate the critical role of the DGJCMT and MINCETUR in not only governing gambling activities but also ensuring the integrity of sports and betting in Peru. The allegations, pointing towards potential match-fixing, underscore the urgency of implementing comprehensive AML and responsible gambling practices within the new legislative framework.


Transition and Continuity: Looking Ahead

As Peru transitions to new leadership within the DGJCMT, the focus intensifies on the effective implementation of the updated gambling legislation. The requirement for operators to register with MINCETUR by March 10 represents a tangible step towards enhancing regulatory compliance and industry transparency. This period of change calls for a balanced approach, leveraging the foundation laid by predecessors like Sevilla while adapting to the nuances of the evolving global gambling landscape.

The Road to Responsible Gambling: A Collective Endeavor

The introduction of measures aimed at promoting responsible gambling within the new legislation is a testament to Peru’s dedication to safeguarding its citizens against gambling-related harms. This commitment necessitates a collaborative effort, involving regulators, operators, and stakeholders across the spectrum, to foster a gambling environment that prioritizes ethical practices, consumer protection, and social responsibility.

Conclusion: A Strategic Pivot for Peru’s Gambling Ecosystem

The departure of Eduardo Sevilla from the DGJCMT and the ushering in of new gambling legislation represent a strategic pivot for Peru’s gambling ecosystem. As the sector stands on the brink of significant regulatory evolution, the foundation laid during Sevilla’s tenure will be crucial in navigating the challenges and opportunities ahead. With a focus on tightening regulatory oversight, enhancing AML measures, and promoting responsible gambling, Peru is poised to redefine its gambling landscape, ensuring it remains competitive, transparent, and, most importantly, responsible.


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