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Belgian Attorney Generals Set Prosecution Guidelines for Gambling Violations



Belgium Sharpens Gambling Regulation Enforcement with New Prosecutorial Guidelines

Belgium’s legal framework for gambling has been fortified with new prosecutorial guidelines from the Board of Attorney Generals, detailing the enforcement of the Belgian Gaming Act and underscoring the Belgian Gambling Commission’s authority. The guidelines aim to standardize the application of gambling laws and clarify the Commission’s role in combating illegal gambling activities.

The Board of Attorney Generals, serving as an advisory entity to the national justice system, meticulously reviewed the Belgian Gaming Act of 1999 to provide comprehensive norms for the prosecution of gambling infractions. This initiative seeks to ensure the consistent enforcement of regulations across the nation.

Under these new guidelines, the Belgian Gambling Commission is empowered to engage federal authorities to issue warnings, penalties, and prohibitions to both licensed and unlicensed gambling operators. A collaborative relationship with the Federal Prosecutor’s Office (FPO) is mandated, particularly in cases where gambling infringements are intertwined with criminal offenses.

Specifically, the Commission is charged with notifying the FPO of violations such as the operation of clandestine establishments, entities continuing post-licence revocation, and unauthorized online gambling and advertising. Such breaches, especially when linked to criminal acts, are governed by Article 543 of the Belgian Gaming Act.


In parallel efforts, the Belgian Association of Gaming Operators (BAGO), representing a significant segment of the market with its six-member organizations, has enacted a self-regulated Duty of Care. This pledge introduces protective measures to identify and mitigate problem gambling, reinforcing the country’s commitment to responsible gaming.

The Duty of Care hinges on four foundational elements: the implementation of a standardized algorithm to detect gambling harm, player-oriented recommendations and resources, comprehensive training for industry employees, and transparent communication with the national regulator. This landmark agreement, embracing Belgium’s largest operators, encapsulates the industry’s proactive approach to consumer protection and regulatory compliance.

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FDJ’s Acquisition of Kindred Group Shaping the Future of Global Gaming



FDJ’s acquisition of Kindred Group, facilitated by regulatory approval and strategic shareholder engagement, signifies a transformative moment in the gaming industry. This deal exemplifies the intricate balance between regulatory compliance, shareholder value, and strategic growth ambitions. As the industry stands at the cusp of further consolidation and innovation, the FDJ-Kindred transaction heralds a new era of strategic realignment and competitive positioning in the global gaming landscape.

A Monumental Shift in Gaming Dynamics

The Swedish Financial Market Supervisory Authority (SFSA)‘s approval of Française des Jeux’s (FDJ) offer to acquire Kindred Group marks a pivotal moment in the global gaming and betting sector. This green light not only accelerates FDJ’s strategic expansion but also underscores the evolving landscape of international gaming regulations and corporate alignments.

Navigating Regulatory Waters

The SFSA’s endorsement is a crucial step in FDJ’s ambitious acquisition plan, setting the stage for a public offer slated to commence imminently. This regulatory approval highlights the meticulous scrutiny and compliance standards governing mergers and acquisitions within the sector, ensuring that such transactions align with market stability and shareholder interests.

A Call to Action for Kindred Shareholders

The forthcoming Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) represents a critical juncture for Kindred Group, with proposed statutory amendments necessary for facilitating the acquisition. This meeting, aimed at achieving the requisite shareholder consensus, signals the importance of shareholder engagement in steering corporate direction and strategy.


The Path to Acquisition: Shareholder Conviction and Strategic Vision

FDJ’s pursuit of Kindred Group, contingent upon securing 90% of total capital, reflects a strategic maneuver to consolidate its position in the global gaming market. The offer per share, valuing Kindred at approximately €2.6 billion, has garnered unanimous board endorsement and significant shareholder backing, illustrating the alignment of strategic interests and the perceived value of this consolidation.

Activist Influence and Strategic Realignment

The role of activist shareholders, notably Corvex Management, in advocating for Kindred’s sale underscores the dynamic interplay between corporate governance and shareholder activism. Their successful campaign for board representation and strategic evaluation reflects a broader trend of active investor engagement in shaping corporate trajectories.

Implications for the Global Gaming Industry

This acquisition not only exemplifies the financial and strategic considerations underpinning such deals but also highlights the regulatory complexities and shareholder dynamics involved. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, driven by technological advancements and regulatory changes, the FDJ-Kindred merger serves as a case study in strategic growth, market consolidation, and the pursuit of competitive advantage.


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