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France Galop and 1/ST Partnership Boosts International Horse Racing



Transatlantic Ties: France Galop and 1/ST Unite to Revolutionize International Horse Racing

Imagine a horse racing scene where French elegance meets North American thrill—a vision now turning into reality.

With the groundbreaking partnership between France Galop and 1/ST, international horse racing is set to reach unprecedented heights.

This collaboration not only enriches the racing calendar but also opens up new avenues for racers and spectators to experience top-tier international competitions.

Dive into the details of this exciting alliance and how it’s set to transform the global horse racing landscape.


Bridging Continents Through Horse Racing

France Galop, the esteemed guardian of French horse racing, and 1/ST, a pioneer in North American thoroughbred racing and wagering, have announced a strategic alliance aimed at enhancing international engagement in the sport. This collaboration seeks to knit together the rich tapestry of horse racing across continents, starting with high-stakes races that promise to captivate the global audience.

The Launch of a Lucrative Racing Pathway

The partnership kicks off with an exciting event on the racing calendar: the $100,000 Grade 3 Gallorette Stakes, scheduled for Preakness 149 race day at 1/ST’s Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore on May 18. The stakes are high, as the winner of the Gallorette Stakes will not only claim victory but also secure automatic qualification for the prestigious €250,000 Group 1 Prix Jean Romanet Stakes at Deauville on August 18. Additionally, the winner will benefit from a complimentary equine travel stipend, smoothing the path to France.

Strategic Implications and Goals

Aidan Butler, President of 1/ST, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, noting its potential to set a precedent for future reciprocal race days. “This Gallorette-Romanet pathway is an exciting trial for hopefully more reciprocal race days in France,” he stated, highlighting the mutual benefits and the shared vision of expanding the horseracing audience globally.

Butler also emphasized the broader implications of the alliance, from boosting the brand to increasing horse recruitment and driving wagering dollars overseas. His vision is clear: to usher in innovative moments on the worldwide racing stage that benefit all stakeholders, from racers to spectators.


Cultural Exchange and Expansion

The partnership serves not only to facilitate entry into prestigious races but also to foster a cultural exchange that enriches the sport. Henri Pouret, CEO at France Galop, expressed his delight at the collaboration, which introduces French racing enthusiasts to the excitement of Preakness 149 while adding a transatlantic flavor to the Group 1 Prix Jean Romanet Stakes.

This initiative represents a strategic expansion into new markets and an effort to attract a more diverse audience to the world of international horse racing. By linking iconic racecourses in North America and Europe, France Galop and 1/ST are not just hosting races; they are creating a global racing community.

Looking Ahead: Future Collaborations and Impact

The success of this partnership could pave the way for more integrated international racing events. As both organizations look forward to announcing more global racing partnerships throughout the year, the horse racing industry watches closely. The potential for similar collaborations could redefine international competitions, making them more accessible and appealing to a broader audience.

Conclusion: A New Era in International Horse Racing

The alliance between France Galop and 1/ST marks a significant milestone in horse racing history. By blending the distinct qualities of North American and European races, they are setting new standards for excellence and excitement in the sport. As this partnership flourishes, it promises to bring more thrilling races, enhanced international cooperation, and a richer, more connected global racing culture.


As stakeholders in the horse racing industry and fans around the world look forward to the outcomes of this promising collaboration, the future of international horse racing seems brighter and more interconnected than ever.

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