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Victoria’s Call for Complete Ban on Gambling Ads Grows Louder



In the heart of Australia, a fervent call for change reverberates.

Victoria’s gambling watchdog, the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC), led by CEO Annette Kimmitt AM, is demanding swift action in the battle against gambling ads.

The debate surrounding a complete ban on these ads is reaching a crescendo, fueled by mounting concerns about the impact on vulnerable demographics.

Join us as we navigate the turbulent waters of this contentious issue, examining the arguments, stakeholders, and the prospect of change.

Victoria’s Push for a Complete Ban: A Rising Chorus

In the Land Down Under, the issue of gambling advertising has become a flashpoint of contention. Victoria’s VGCCC, spearheaded by CEO Annette Kimmitt AM, has intensified its call for a complete ban on gambling advertisements. The driving force behind this push lies in concerns raised by parents who have unearthed the disquieting truth—children engaging in clandestine gambling activities.


A Government Under Scrutiny

The Australian government has been under increasing pressure to take decisive action in the face of mounting evidence regarding the harmful impact of gambling ads. An extensive inquiry into online gambling and its repercussions on those susceptible to gambling harm has been underway for six months. Labor MPs, among others, are steadfast in their demand for robust measures to address this pressing issue.

Stakeholders’ Perspectives

The inquiry, thorough in its examination, has solicited input from a diverse array of stakeholders. This eclectic mix encompasses gambling entities, broadcasting networks, sporting bodies, and tech corporations. Now, the ball is firmly in the federal government’s court, as it deliberates the inquiry’s findings and contemplates the recommendations.

Navigating Complex Terrain: Insights from Communications Minister

Amid the fervor surrounding a potential ban, Communications Minister Michelle Rowland weighed in on the complexity of the issue. In November, she underscored that implementing a complete ban on gambling ads would be far from straightforward. Drawing parallels with the ban on tobacco advertisements, Rowland illuminated the intricate web of relationships between the gambling industry and sports.

Changing Dynamics

Rowland acknowledged the transformative shifts in the relationship between the gambling industry and sports over the years. The pervasive influence of gambling ads resonates throughout the community, prompting concerns about their far-reaching impact.


Labor MPs: Advocates for Unwavering Action

While complexities abound, Labor MPs stand resolute in their call for resolute measures. They emphasize the importance of heeding Peta Murphy’s recommendations without dilution, urging the federal government to enact a comprehensive ban.

Advertising Restrictions and Unintended Consequences

Australia’s existing advertising restrictions dictate that gambling ads cannot air within five minutes of the start or conclusion of sporting events, with exceptions for long-form events after 8.30pm. However, the inquiry’s findings highlight unintended consequences. These include a proliferation of advertising outside the restricted timeframe, contributing to the public’s perception of advertising saturation.

As the debate intensifies, the prospect of change looms large. Stay informed as we navigate the evolving landscape of gambling advertising regulations in Australia.


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Light & Wonder Set to Illuminate Québec’s VLT Market with Loto-Québec Deal



A Game-Changing Alliance: Light & Wonder Joins Forces with Loto-Québec for VLT Expansion

In a strategic move set to redefine the Québec gaming market, Light & Wonder has announced a pivotal agreement with Loto-Québec. Slated for 2024, this partnership will see the introduction of Light & Wonder’s KASCADA™ DUAL SCREEN video lottery terminals (VLTs) across the province, marking a significant milestone in the company’s global expansion.

Launching a New Era of Gaming in Québec

Through this agreement, Light & Wonder will make its debut in the Québec market by supplying its state-of-the-art KASCADA™ DUAL SCREEN gaming machines. This deployment is set to revolutionize the gaming experience province-wide, offering players a diverse suite of new and engaging games.

A Diverse Portfolio for Enhanced Player Experience

The KASCADA™ DUAL SCREEN cabinet’s launch will feature a compelling game suite. Notable titles include Bonus Sevens Wild™, Monopoly Jackpot Station, Huff N’ Puff™, Life of Luxury™, 88 Fortunes™, Win 1000™, Bier Haus™, Rich Little Piggies™, Flush Frenzy™, and Jackpot Party™ Keno, promising a varied and immersive gaming experience.

Amidst a Competitive Market Landscape

This announcement comes hot on the heels of IGT’s contract to modernize Loto-Québec’s VLT network and Aristocrat’s entry into the Québec VLT gaming market. Light & Wonder’s agreement signifies its competitive edge in an evolving gaming landscape.


Light & Wonder’s Commitment to Global Excellence

Siobhan Lane, CEO of Gaming at Light & Wonder, expresses pride in bringing their acclaimed content and hardware to Québec. This partnership not only expands Light & Wonder’s market presence but also cements its reputation as a top cross-platform global games provider.

Loto-Québec’s Strategic Collaboration

Stéphane Fraser, Executive Vice President and COO of Gaming Establishments at Loto-Québec, welcomes the partnership with Light & Wonder. This collaboration aligns with Loto-Québec’s goal of continually enhancing the gaming experience for players in the province.

Leadership and Strategic Direction

This announcement follows the appointment of Michael Marchetti to Light & Wonder’s Board of Directors, previously Director of SciPlay Corporation, which Light & Wonder acquired in October 2023. Marchetti’s expertise will further guide Light & Wonder’s strategic direction and growth.


The collaboration between Light & Wonder and Loto-Québec marks a significant development in Québec’s VLT gaming market. With the introduction of innovative KASCADA™ DUAL SCREEN machines and a diverse game suite, Light & Wonder is poised to offer an unparalleled gaming experience. This agreement underscores the company’s commitment to expanding its global footprint and enhancing player experiences, solidifying its position as a leader in the gaming industry.


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