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UAE’s Path to Legal Casino Market: A Look at GCGRA’s Impact



Buckle up for an expedition into the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) unfolding narrative towards a legitimate casino market.

As we navigate the “Road to ICE Casino and Games,” the spotlight shines on the pivotal role played by the General Commercial Gaming Regulatory Authority (GCGRA). With significant developments since the 2023 show, this journey promises a glimpse into the UAE’s future as a potential gaming hub.

GCGRA: The Catalyst for Change

In a game-changing move, the UAE ushered in the General Commercial Gaming Regulatory Authority (GCGRA) in September 2023, signaling its intent to chart a course toward a regulated casino industry.

Operators Seize the Opportunity

Leading the charge is Wynn Resorts, boldly positioning itself to tap into the UAE’s burgeoning gaming market. CEO Craig Billings envisions the UAE as a groundbreaking new frontier ripe for exploration.

Dawn of Legalization

The UAE’s stance on gambling has been resolute, with stringent penalties for offenders. Yet, the GCGRA’s creation marks a pivotal step toward regulated gambling, sparking curiosity about what lies ahead.


Key Leadership Appointments

The GCGRA boasts distinguished leadership with Kevin Mullally, formerly of the Missouri Gaming Commission, at the helm as Chief Executive. Jim Murren, former MGM Resorts chairman and CEO, chairs the board of directors.

Unraveling Regulatory Questions

The future regulatory landscape remains uncertain, with questions lingering about the possibility of online betting and the GCGRA’s jurisdiction over existing raffles like Emirates Draw and Mahzooz.

A Collaborative Effort

Industry players such as Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) and Eilers & Krejcik Gaming have played instrumental roles in shaping the UAE’s regulatory framework, advocating for federal oversight.

Taxation and Revenue

Plans for a 25% revenue tax on mass market gambling and an 8% tax on premium gaming are part of the UAE’s vision for sustainable revenue streams.


Wynn’s Vision Becomes Reality

Wynn Resorts’ Al-Marjan integrated casino resort, set to open in 2027, marks a significant milestone in the UAE’s journey. With construction underway, Wynn holds high hopes for obtaining the Ras Al Khaimah license.

Wynn’s Strategic Advantage

Wynn Resorts’ early foray positions it as a pioneer in the region. CEO Craig Billings underscores the advantages of being first, heralding the UAE as the “most exciting new market opening in decades.”

The UAE’s pursuit of a legalized casino market unfolds as a compelling narrative, driven by the establishment of the GCGRA and visionary operators like Wynn Resorts. This journey holds the promise of transforming the UAE into a thriving gaming destination, paving the way for an exhilarating future. Stay tuned as we witness history in the making on the “Road to ICE Casino and Games.”


Jerome, a valuable addition to the Gamingo.News team, brings with him extensive journalistic experience in the iGaming sector. His interest in the industry was sparked during his college years when he participated in local poker tournaments, eventually leading to his exposure to the burgeoning world of online poker and casino rooms. Jerome now utilizes his accumulated knowledge to fuel his passion for journalism, providing the team with the latest online scoops.

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Veikkaus Teams Up with Playtech to Elevate Live Casino Experience



Revolutionising Live Casino Gaming: Veikkaus Partners with Playtech

In a groundbreaking move set to redefine the live casino gaming experience, Veikkaus, Finland’s state-owned gaming giant, has joined forces with Playtech, a leading iGaming content provider renowned for its cutting-edge live casino offerings. This strategic partnership heralds a new era of innovation and immersion in the Finnish iGaming market, promising players an unparalleled gaming adventure. Let’s delve into the details of this transformative collaboration and its implications for the future of live casino gaming in Finland.

Elevating the Live Casino Experience: A Strategic Alliance

Veikkaus and Playtech have embarked on a visionary collaboration aimed at enhancing the live casino landscape in Finland. With Playtech’s expertise in delivering premium live casino content and Veikkaus’ unparalleled market reach, this partnership sets the stage for a revolution in immersive gaming experiences.

A Long-Term Commitment to Innovation

This partnership isn’t just a short-term endeavour; it’s a strategic commitment to long-term innovation and growth. With an initial agreement spanning six years and the flexibility for renegotiation, Veikkaus and Playtech are poised to drive continuous evolution in the live casino sector, ensuring that Finnish players always have access to the latest and most thrilling gaming content.

Customised Gaming Solutions: Tailored for Finnish Players

Central to this collaboration is the creation of a bespoke, Veikkaus-branded studio that caters specifically to the preferences and expectations of Finnish players. This dedicated studio will feature Finnish-speaking live dealers, offering a personalised and authentic gaming experience across a diverse range of casino classics, including roulette and blackjack.


Embracing Innovation: Playtech’s Expertise in Action

Fredrik Sylvander, Commercial Director at Playtech, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasising Playtech’s commitment to delivering exceptional live casino experiences. By leveraging Playtech’s extensive network of live games and expertise, Veikkaus aims to elevate its offerings and provide players with unparalleled entertainment.

A Visionary Leap: Veikkaus’ Perspective

Riikka Seppänen, VP of iCasino at Veikkaus, echoed Sylvander’s sentiments, highlighting the meticulous selection process that led to Playtech’s appointment as a partner. With Playtech’s support, Veikkaus is poised to offer Finnish players an immersive and authentic gaming environment, setting new standards for excellence in the industry.

A Holistic Approach: Strengthening Player Protection

Beyond enhancing the gaming experience, Veikkaus remains steadfast in its commitment to player protection and responsible gaming. As part of its holistic approach to gaming, Veikkaus continues to prioritize initiatives aimed at promoting player well-being and ensuring a safe and secure gaming environment for all.

Driving Innovation Forward: A Look to the Future

As Veikkaus and Playtech forge ahead with their groundbreaking collaboration, the future of live casino gaming in Finland shines brighter than ever before. With a shared vision of innovation, excellence, and player-centricity, this partnership is poised to reshape the gaming landscape and deliver unparalleled entertainment to Finnish players for years to come.


Conclusion: The partnership between Veikkaus and Playtech marks a significant milestone in the evolution of live casino gaming in Finland. By combining their expertise and resources, these industry leaders are set to redefine the standards of excellence in the Finnish iGaming market, offering players an immersive, personalised, and unforgettable gaming experience. As the collaboration unfolds, the stage is set for a new era of innovation, excitement, and boundless possibilities in live casino gaming.

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