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The authorization of gambling halls in Castilla y León has been suspended for an additional two years


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On Thursday, the Governing Council of the Junta de Castilla y León approved a decree that leverages the approval of the decree-law governing the Internal Information System of the Community Administration, which safeguards whistleblowers from potential irregularities. The decree also includes a 24-month extension in the suspension of new authorizations for the opening of gaming venues and betting houses.

The text includes a section related to gambling because the previous decree’s 24-month suspension period expires on June 11. As a result, the suspension is extended until January 1, 2025, or until the new Law Regulating Gambling and Gambling in Castilla y León comes into effect.

According to Jesús Julio Carnero, the counselor of the Presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León, the bill is currently in the Cortes for processing, and he hopes that it can be approved in this period of sessions. However, until then, the extension of the suspension for new gaming and betting venues is necessary.

The Governing Council reference explains that the suspensive measure is maintained to avoid disorderly growth of the sector. Without this measure, there could be an excessive increase in requests for these types of establishments.

The new gambling law of Castilla y León

The Government of Castilla y León has taken steps to promote responsible gambling and prevent minors from accessing gambling venues. The Council has approved the modification of the current Gambling and Betting Law 4/1998, which will be sent to Parliament for debate and approval by the parliamentary groups.

The updated law establishes a minimum distance of 300 meters between specific gaming and betting establishments, and increases the distance between these establishments and official education centers from 100 to 150 meters. Advertising, sponsorship, and promotion of gambling and betting activities require prior authorization.

The new regulations focus on informed, safe, and conscious gambling practices within the gambling venues and prohibit smoking or smoking clubs inside authorized establishments. Control at the entrance of gambling halls and betting houses is also strengthened.

The law foresees the establishment of a computerized system for the automated interconnection of the Registry of Gambling Access Bans of Castilla y León. The types of administrative violations are clarified, and a Responsible Gambling Coordination Technical Commission is created to monitor the multi-year Strategy for the Prevention and Treatment of Pathological Gambling.

Jerome McNamara
Jerome McNamara
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