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Netherlands Implements New Gambling Limits Starting October 1



Netherlands Sets October 1st Date for Stricter Online Gambling Limits

Imagine a gambling industry where every player’s spending is tightly monitored to promote responsible gaming.

Starting October 1, the Netherlands will enforce stringent gambling limits, transforming its online gaming landscape.

Learn how these new measures aim to protect players and ensure a safer, more responsible gaming environment.

Explore the detailed regulations and understand their potential impact on the Dutch gambling market.


Netherlands Sets October 1st Date for Stricter Online Gambling Limits

In a significant move towards promoting responsible gambling, the Dutch Ministry of Justice has confirmed that new market safeguards will come into effect on October 1. These measures are designed to ensure that operators enforce strict gambling limits and conduct thorough financial checks, thereby enhancing player protection.

Key Regulations and Safeguards

Under the new regulations, operators must ensure that customers set individual limits on their gambling spend. Specifically, players will be required to adhere to the following deposit limits:

  • €700 for players aged 25 and over
  • €300 for players under 25

If players choose to set their deposit limits at the maximum thresholds, they must undergo a mandatory one-to-one interaction with trained customer care staff. This interaction can take place via phone or through the gaming interface but must involve a human representative rather than a chatbot. During this interaction, staff must inform players about the national exclusion register CRUKS and discuss responsible gambling practices.

Financial Checks and Customer Interactions

The regulations also stipulate that operators conduct financial checks for customers who set monthly deposit limits of over €350 (€150 for players under 25). This is to ensure that players are not engaging in gambling beyond their financial means. Additionally, operators are required to provide pop-up messages every 30 minutes, reminding players of their spending limits and gambling behavior.

Managing Spending Limits

Players will have the flexibility to lower their deposit limits at any time. However, if they wish to increase their limits, they must wait for a period of seven days. Operators must also notify players when they reach 50% and 100% of their spending limits. Upon reaching 100%, players must be logged out of their accounts to prevent further gambling activity.


Implementation Deadline

All licensed operators must make the necessary technical adjustments to comply with these regulations by October 1. The Ministry of Justice emphasized the importance of providing clear and understandable information to players about their gaming limits and ensuring that addiction prevention-trained staff conduct the required contact moments for players setting high deposit limits.

Transition of Gambling Policy Oversight

The oversight of Dutch gambling policy has recently shifted to the new secretary of state for legal protection under the Ministry of Justice. This change replaces the former minister for legal protection role, which was most recently occupied by Franc Weerwind. The announcement followed the formation of a conservative coalition government led by Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PPV), in partnership with the Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), the New Social Contract Party (NSC), and the Farmer-Citizen Movement (BBB). The NSC has been designated to oversee the legal protection role.

The CRUKS Exclusion Register

A key component of these new regulations is the national exclusion register, CRUKS. This register aims to protect players by allowing them to self-exclude from gambling activities. Operators must inform players about CRUKS during their one-to-one interactions, especially when players set high deposit limits. This measure ensures that players are aware of the tools available to help them manage their gambling behavior and seek help if needed.

Impact on the Dutch Gambling Market

The implementation of these new regulations is expected to have a profound impact on the Dutch gambling market. By enforcing strict deposit limits and conducting financial checks, the Ministry of Justice aims to create a safer and more responsible gambling environment. This will likely lead to increased trust in the regulated market and a reduction in gambling-related harm.


Moreover, the mandatory interactions with trained customer care staff highlight the importance of human intervention in responsible gambling practices. These interactions provide an opportunity for operators to engage with players on a personal level, offering support and resources to those who may be at risk of developing gambling problems.

The Role of Operators

Operators play a crucial role in the successful implementation of these regulations. They must ensure that their systems are updated to comply with the new requirements and that their staff are adequately trained in responsible gambling practices. This includes understanding how to conduct financial checks, recognizing signs of problem gambling, and effectively communicating with players about their gambling behavior and available support resources.

Future Prospects

As the Netherlands moves forward with these stringent regulations, it sets a precedent for other countries aiming to enhance their responsible gambling frameworks. The emphasis on player protection and responsible gambling reflects a growing recognition of the need to balance industry growth with consumer safety. This approach not only protects players but also promotes the long-term sustainability of the gambling industry.


The Dutch Ministry of Justice’s decision to implement new gambling limits and safeguards on October 1 marks a significant step towards responsible gambling. By ensuring that operators enforce strict deposit limits, conduct financial checks, and engage with players on a personal level, the Netherlands aims to create a safer and more regulated gambling environment. These measures, coupled with the oversight of the new secretary of state for legal protection, underscore the country’s commitment to protecting its citizens and promoting responsible gambling practices.


As other jurisdictions look to strengthen their own gambling regulations, the Netherlands’ approach serves as a valuable model for creating a balanced and responsible gambling market. The successful implementation of these regulations will not only benefit Dutch players but also contribute to the overall health and integrity of the global gambling industry.

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