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Italy Confirms New Rules for Gambling Bonuses and Odds Errors



New Rules for Italian Gambling Bonuses and Odds Errors Confirmed by ADM

Ever wondered how new regulations could revolutionize the gambling industry in Italy?

Discover the latest rules confirmed by the Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM) that promise to reshape bonus management and odds errors in the gambling sector.

Learn how these changes aim to bring clarity, fairness, and systematic correction to an industry calling for reform since 2006.

Stay informed about these pivotal developments and understand their impact on operators and players in Italy’s gambling market.


New Rules for Italian Gambling Bonuses and Odds Errors Confirmed by ADM

The Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM), the regulatory body overseeing gambling in Italy, has announced the implementation of new rules for managing gambling bonuses and correcting odds errors. These rules, set to come into force tomorrow (June 1), address long-standing demands from operators for clearer procedures and methodologies.

Clarifying Bonus Management and Tax Calculations

Operators in Italy have been seeking clarity on bonus management since the regulated market’s inception in 2006. The new rules introduce legislative criteria on various aspects of bonus use, including terms and conditions, payment methods, and tax considerations.

Under the new framework, the calculation of the cost of bonus rewards will be more transparent. Both the bonus applied and any stake placed by the player will be used to determine the amounts wagered and winnings paid out. This change aims to resolve ambiguities in tax calculations and ensure a fair and consistent approach across the industry.

Systematic Correction of Odds Errors

The ADM is also addressing the issue of palpable errors in betting odds, which has been a source of disputes between bookmakers and customers. The new rules establish a regulated application system for bookmakers to request corrections of odds errors.


Bookmakers will need to submit detailed information about the challenged odds. If the request is approved, the odds will be recalculated based on the market average, using the national tote as a benchmark. This process eliminates the need for legal action and provides a systematic method for resolving discrepancies.

Italian Gambling Reforms

In addition to the new rules on bonuses and odds errors, the Italian government recently published a new framework for online gambling licences in the parliamentary gazette. The new nine-year online gambling concessions are set to be granted by the end of the year, with licence fees set at €7 million each.

This fee represents a significant increase from the €200,000 fee introduced in 2018. Operators will also be required to pay 3 per cent of their annual gross gaming revenue (GGR) after taxes. The Ministry of Finance justified the hike by citing changes in market dynamics, particularly the dominance of a few large operators, including SNAI, Lottomatica (which is acquiring SKS365), Flutter, and Entain.

Industry Reactions and Expectations

The introduction of these new rules has been met with a mix of optimism and caution within the industry. Many operators see the changes as a necessary step toward greater transparency and fairness. However, the increased licence fees and additional tax burdens have also raised concerns about the financial impact on smaller operators.


The Path Forward for Italian Gambling

As Italy continues to refine its regulatory framework, the focus remains on balancing industry growth with responsible gambling practices. The new rules for bonuses and odds errors are part of a broader effort to ensure that the gambling market operates fairly and transparently, benefiting both operators and players.

Operators are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new regulations and adjust their practices accordingly. The ADM has provided detailed guidelines and is expected to offer further support to ensure a smooth transition.


The confirmation of new rules for managing gambling bonuses and correcting odds errors marks a significant milestone in Italy’s gambling regulation. These changes, effective from June 1, aim to bring clarity and fairness to an industry that has been calling for reform for over a decade.

As Italy’s gambling market continues to evolve, operators and players alike must stay informed about regulatory developments. The new framework promises to enhance the overall integrity of the market, fostering a more transparent and competitive environment.


Stay tuned for further updates on how these changes will impact the Italian gambling landscape and what they mean for the future of the industry.

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