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Switzerland Grants New 20-Year Casino Licences from 2025



Switzerland Federal Council Grants New Casino Licences Starting 2025

Imagine a new era for Swiss casinos, bringing enhanced operations and economic benefits.

The Swiss Federal Council has just granted new 20-year licences to all casinos, starting from 2025, marking a significant milestone.

Discover how these new licences will impact the Swiss gambling industry, ensuring safe and responsible gaming while boosting regional economies.

Stay informed about the changes and what they mean for the future of Swiss casinos.


Switzerland Federal Council Grants New Casino Licences Starting 2025

In a landmark decision, the Swiss Federal Council has announced the issuance of new licences for all casinos in Switzerland, starting from 2025. This decision was unveiled during the delegate meeting of Switzerland’s casino industry on May 22. The current licences, which expire at the end of 2024, will be replaced by new 20-year agreements, ushering in a new era for the Swiss gambling sector.

New Licences and Casino Approvals

Among the significant changes is the approval of new casinos in Prilly and Winterthur. The latter will replace the existing venue in Schaffhausen, as no licence application was submitted for it. Gerhard Pfister, the President of the Swiss Casino Association, hailed this development as a pivotal moment in the history of Switzerland’s gambling industry.

“The granting of the new concessions is a milestone,” Pfister remarked. “The federal government has recognised that today’s casinos ensure safe and responsible operations and generate great economic benefits in their region.”

Unified Membership in the Swiss Casino Association

In addition to the new licences, several Swiss Casino Group venues in Zurich, Schaffhausen, St. Gallen, and Pfäffikon have joined the Swiss Casino Association following a unanimous agreement. The new Winterthur casino is expected to apply for membership after it opens. This means all 21 land-based and 10 online casinos in Switzerland are now members of the association, fostering enhanced collaboration and unified representation.


“I’m pleased that Swiss Casinos has joined the association, allowing the entire casino industry to speak with one voice,” Pfister said.

Marc Baumann, a board member of Swiss Casinos, added: “The online business is changing the Swiss casino industry sustainably. We are happy to work together with the Swiss Casino Association to help shape the future.”

Trends in Revenue: Land-Based vs. Online Casinos

Over the past year, Switzerland has seen a shift in revenue trends between land-based and online casinos. In 2023, land-based venues generated CHF623 million (£536 million/€629 million/$681.2 million) in gross gaming revenue (GGR), marking a slight decline of 1.1% from the previous year. In contrast, the 10 online casinos in the country accumulated CHF286 million in GGR, reflecting a significant 14.3% year-on-year increase.

The Swiss Casino Association noted that the shift from land-based to online gambling mirrors trends in other industries. Additionally, casinos paid 3% more in taxes year-on-year, with the state receiving CHF409.3 million in contributions in 2023. Over the last 20 years, Swiss casinos have contributed over CHF8 billion in taxes, primarily supporting the country’s AHV pension system.


Switzerland Lottery Reports Record Profit

In related news, the Loterie Romande, a public lottery in Switzerland, posted a net profit increase of CHF5.1 million for 2023. This allows the lottery to pay out a record CHF243.7 million to good causes, despite a 3.4% drop in GGR to CHF420.7 million. Loterie Romande chairman Jean-René Fournier attributed the rise in profit to reductions in marketing and administrative costs.

“This result can be attributed in particular to the rigorous management of operating costs, the strengthening of our digital offering, and the diversity of our product range with the launch of the European draw game EuroDreams in October 2023,” Fournier said.

Future Outlook

The new licences and unified industry collaboration mark a transformative phase for the Swiss gambling sector. With the Federal Council’s support and the Swiss Casino Association’s cohesive efforts, the industry is poised for growth, innovation, and enhanced regulatory compliance. The new licences, valid for 20 years, will ensure long-term stability and allow operators to invest in safer and more responsible gaming environments.

As the Swiss gambling landscape continues to evolve, stakeholders are optimistic about the future. The collaborative efforts of all members of the Swiss Casino Association will be crucial in navigating the challenges and opportunities ahead. This unified approach will likely result in a more robust, transparent, and customer-focused industry, ensuring that Swiss casinos remain competitive and socially responsible.



The Swiss Federal Council’s decision to grant new licences to all casinos from 2025 marks a significant milestone in the country’s gambling industry. This move, combined with the enhanced collaboration within the Swiss Casino Association, promises a bright future for the sector. As the industry adapts to changing trends and regulatory requirements, the focus will remain on providing safe, responsible, and enjoyable gaming experiences for all players.

Operators, stakeholders, and players alike should stay informed about these changes and engage with industry developments to maximize the benefits of this new regulatory landscape. With these measures in place, the Swiss gambling industry is set to thrive, contributing to the economy and supporting social causes through responsible gaming practices.

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