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Spanish Gambling Regulator to Launch Central Data Registry in 2025



Spanish Gambling Regulator to Launch Central Data Registry in 2025

A New Era in Gambling Regulation

Imagine a world where gambling operations are completely transparent, accountable, and regulated to the highest standards of responsible gaming.

This vision is becoming a reality in Spain as the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ) embarks on a groundbreaking project to establish a centralised data registry.

This initiative promises to revolutionize the way gambling activities are monitored and regulated, ensuring a safer and more responsible gaming environment.

Read on to discover how this ambitious project is set to transform the Spanish gambling industry and enhance consumer protection.


Spanish Gambling Regulator to Launch Central Data Registry in 2025

The Vision for a Centralised Data Registry

Spain’s gambling regulator, the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ), is spearheading an ambitious project to create a centralised data registry for all gambling activities in the country. This initiative aims to compile customer data from all Spanish-licensed gambling operators, providing a comprehensive and holistic view of gambling activity across the nation.

Enhancing Transparency and Accountability

DGOJ Director General Mikel Arana emphasized the significance of this project, stating: “The establishment of a centralised data registry will enhance the transparency and accountability of gambling operations in Spain. It will provide a robust framework for monitoring and ensuring compliance with the highest standards of responsible gaming.”

The centralised registry is expected to significantly improve data integration across various public administrations, making it easier to compile comprehensive reports on gaming activity. This move aligns with the broader goals of increasing transparency and ensuring that gambling operators adhere to stringent regulatory standards.

Collaborative Efforts and Initial Discussions

The initiative has already garnered input from the Sectoral Commission and the General Assembly’s advisory body for policy and federal directives. Initial discussions have focused on improving data integration and creating a seamless system that benefits all stakeholders involved.


The General Assembly mandated the creation of a central registry over a year ago through the Decree on Responsible Gambling Environments. This decree aims to provide the DGOJ with the tools necessary to monitor gambling licensees’ activities and customer engagement effectively.

A Focus on Young Gamblers

One of the critical aspects of the new registry is the requirement for operators to establish risk profiles for customers aged under 25. This measure is part of a broader effort to protect younger and potentially more vulnerable gamblers, ensuring that they are not exposed to excessive risk.

By focusing on this demographic, the DGOJ hopes to foster a safer gambling environment that prioritizes the well-being of young players. This approach is in line with international best practices for responsible gambling.

The Path to Implementation

The next stage of this project involves extensive consultations with stakeholders, including gambling operators, consumer protection groups, and other relevant parties. The DGOJ aims to finalize an implementation plan by the end of the year, with the registry set to come into effect in early 2025.


In addition to the central data registry, the remaining know-your-customer (KYC) measures outlined in the Decree on Responsible Gambling Environments will also be introduced in 2025. These measures will further enhance the regulatory framework, ensuring that operators have robust systems in place to verify the identities and ages of their customers.

Addressing Concerns and Ensuring Compliance

To ensure the success of this initiative, the DGOJ is committed to addressing any concerns that may arise during the implementation phase. This includes working closely with operators to ensure that they understand their obligations and have the necessary tools to comply with the new regulations.

The DGOJ also plans to conduct regular audits and inspections to verify compliance, holding operators accountable for any breaches of the regulations. By taking a proactive approach, the regulator aims to create a culture of compliance and responsibility within the Spanish gambling industry.

The Broader Impact on the Gambling Industry

The creation of a centralised data registry is expected to have far-reaching implications for the gambling industry in Spain. By providing a comprehensive view of gambling activity, the registry will enable the DGOJ to identify trends and patterns that may indicate problem gambling or other issues.


This data-driven approach will allow the regulator to implement targeted interventions and support measures, helping to mitigate the risks associated with gambling. In turn, this will enhance consumer protection and ensure that the gambling industry operates in a manner that is fair and responsible.

A Model for Other Jurisdictions

Spain’s centralised data registry initiative could serve as a model for other jurisdictions looking to enhance their regulatory frameworks. By demonstrating the benefits of a comprehensive and integrated approach to data management, Spain can set a new standard for gambling regulation.

Other countries may look to adopt similar measures, leveraging the lessons learned from Spain’s experience to create their own centralised data registries. This could lead to greater international collaboration and the sharing of best practices, further enhancing the global regulatory landscape.

Conclusion: Paving the Way for a Responsible Future

The Spanish DGOJ’s initiative to create a centralised data registry marks a significant step forward in the regulation of gambling. By enhancing transparency, accountability, and consumer protection, this project promises to create a safer and more responsible gambling environment.


As Spain prepares to implement this ambitious initiative, the world will be watching closely. The success of this project could pave the way for similar efforts in other jurisdictions, helping to create a more responsible and sustainable global gambling industry.

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