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GGL Highlights Gambling Research Importance at Hohenheim Symposium



Advancing the Science of Gambling: Insights from GGL’s 20th Gambling Symposium

Discover the cutting-edge of gambling regulation and research at Germany’s 20th Symposium on Gambling. Hosted by the University of Hohenheim and featuring prominent presentations by the German gambling authority, Gemeinsame Glücksspielbehörde der Länder (GGL), this landmark event cast a spotlight on the evolving landscape of gambling studies and its pivotal role in crafting effective regulatory frameworks. With discussions led by GGL board member Ronald Benter, the symposium delved into the nuances of funding, conducting, and utilizing research to navigate the complexities of the gambling industry. Stakeholders from across Europe tuned in, eager to glean insights that could shape the future of gambling regulation in their jurisdictions.

Symposium Overview and Keynote Highlights

The 20th Symposium on Gambling served as a critical platform for dialogue among gambling professionals, researchers, and regulators. Opening the event, Ronald Benter emphasized the GGL’s dedication to evidence-based regulation and the strategic use of independent expert analyses to support scientific studies. With an investment of approximately €1.39 million into new research initiatives, the GGL reaffirms its commitment to understanding and mitigating the risks associated with gambling while enhancing the industry’s integrity.

The Importance of Gambling Research

During the symposium, Benter articulated the foundational role of scientific research in the broader context of political and social debates concerning gambling. “Scientific findings are the basis of political and social debates,” Benter noted, underscoring the necessity of grounding regulatory discussions in robust empirical data. The GGL’s proactive approach to commissioning and funding research initiatives highlights the authority’s role not just as a regulator, but as a catalyst for advancing gambling science.

Exploring the Black Market Impact

A significant focus of the symposium was the ongoing challenge posed by the black market, particularly in regions like France where online casinos remain unregulated. The GGL outlined its plans to investigate the extent of black market activities following the implementation of the Interstate Treaty on Gambling 2021. This research aims to understand migration patterns of players from unregulated to regulated markets, providing crucial data that could guide future regulatory strategies and reduce illegal gambling activities.


Collaboration and Open Communication

In a panel discussion that wrapped up the event, Benter highlighted the critical need for collaboration and open communication in the study of gambling. By engaging with a diverse range of viewpoints and considering various stakeholders’ interests, the GGL seeks to foster a more inclusive and effective regulatory environment. This approach is not only about regulating but also about understanding and integrating diverse perspectives to enhance the efficacy and fairness of gambling laws.

Broader European Context

The symposium also provided a backdrop for discussing broader trends in European gambling regulation. Denmark’s gambling authority, Spillemyndigheden, released its 2023 gambling data showing significant gross gaming revenue, indicating a healthy and well-regulated gambling environment. Meanwhile, the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) in the Netherlands demonstrated its regulatory vigilance by imposing penalties on entities like Casbit Group and DigitalOcean for promoting illegal gaming activities.

Conclusion: A New Era in Gambling Regulation

The 20th Symposium on Gambling at the University of Hohenheim marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of gambling research and regulation. Through its comprehensive discussions and presentations, the GGL has set a high standard for how gambling studies can and should inform regulatory practices. As Germany and the broader European community continue to navigate the complex interplay between gambling activities and regulatory frameworks, the insights garnered from this symposium will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping a responsible and sustainable gambling industry.

Looking Forward

As we look to the future, the continued emphasis on rigorous gambling research and the collaborative efforts among European regulatory bodies will be essential in addressing the emerging challenges and opportunities within the gambling sector. The groundwork laid by the GGL and other authorities at the 20th Symposium on Gambling provides a robust blueprint for advancing the science of gambling and ensuring that regulatory measures are both effective and adaptive to the changing landscape of this dynamic industry.


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