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Gambling Commission Concludes 888 Licence Review, No Action Taken



888 Holdings Clears Regulatory Hurdle: UK Gambling Commission Ends Licence Review with No Further Action

In a significant development for the UK gambling sector, 888 Holdings has successfully navigated through a potentially turbulent regulatory review, emerging unscathed as the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) decides to take no further action. This decision marks the conclusion of a scrutiny period initiated due to concerns associated with FS Gaming’s interest in the operator, spotlighting 888’s robust compliance and risk management frameworks.

The Genesis of the Review

The UKGC embarked on a meticulous review of 888 Holdings in July of the previous year, triggered by the burgeoning interest of FS Gaming—an investment fund spearheaded by veterans of the gambling industry from the former GVC Holdings (now known as Entain Plc). This probe was partly fueled by an HMRC investigation into allegations of bribery linked to a former Turkish subsidiary involving key figures from FS Gaming.

Navigating Through Regulatory Waters

The journey through the review was a testament to 888 Holdings’ commitment to regulatory compliance and ethical business practices. Despite the shadow cast by FS Gaming’s connection and the subsequent reduction of its stake following a reevaluation of plans to appoint Kenneth Alexander as CEO, 888 Holdings managed to address and mitigate the UKGC’s concerns effectively.

UKGC’s Verdict: A Clean Slate for 888

The UKGC’s decision to conclude the license review without imposing any conditions, financial penalties, or other corrective measures is a significant vindication for 888 Holdings. It reflects the Gambling Commission’s satisfaction with how the company managed the risks to the licensing objectives under the Gambling Act, demonstrating the effectiveness of 888’s internal controls and risk mitigation strategies.


Moving Forward with Transformational Leadership

With the regulatory hurdle now behind it, 888 Holdings is poised to continue its ongoing corporate transformation under the leadership of CEO Per Widerström. This period of change is aimed at reinforcing 888’s position as a leader in the global online gambling industry, focusing on sustainable growth, operational excellence, and enhanced player protection.

A Glimpse into the Future: 888’s Financial Outlook

The timing of the UKGC’s decision coincides with the eve of 888 Holdings’ announcement of its full-year results for 2023. This serendipitous alignment sets the stage for 888 to showcase its financial health and strategic vision for the future, providing stakeholders with insights into the company’s resilience and growth trajectory in the face of regulatory challenges.


The UK Gambling Commission’s decision to take no further action against 888 Holdings represents a pivotal moment for the company and a broader implication for the gambling industry’s regulatory landscape. As 888 embarks on its next phase of corporate transformation, its successful navigation of the UKGC’s review serves as a beacon for other operators, highlighting the paramount importance of robust compliance frameworks and ethical business conduct. With its sights set on future growth and innovation, 888 Holdings is well-positioned to continue its journey as a leading force in the global online gambling market.


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