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Cyprus Unveils National Self-Exclusion Platform for Safer Betting



Empowering Players: Cyprus Launches National Self-Exclusion Platform for Safer Gambling

Attention all players and stakeholders in the gambling industry!

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey as the Republic of Cyprus unveils its pioneering National Self-Exclusion Platform (NSEP), a cornerstone of its visionary Safer Gambling Strategy.

With a steadfast commitment to fostering responsible gaming practices and safeguarding player welfare, Cyprus charts a bold course towards a sustainable and equitable gambling landscape. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of this groundbreaking initiative, poised to redefine the paradigm of player protection and regulatory compliance.

The Inauguration of NSEP

A Landmark Initiative Amidst the backdrop of evolving regulatory landscapes, the Republic of Cyprus stands at the vanguard of progress with the launch of its National Self-Exclusion Platform (NSEP). As an integral component of the country’s comprehensive Safer Gambling Strategy spanning 2022-2025, the NSEP heralds a new era of empowerment for players, offering a robust mechanism for self-exclusion from all licensed online operators within the nation.


Enhanced Player Protections At the heart of the NSEP lies a commitment to prioritising player welfare and fostering responsible betting behaviours. Through seamless registration processes, players gain the autonomy to exert control over their gambling habits, mitigating the risk of compulsive behaviours and promoting a culture of informed decision-making. With stringent measures in place, including the restriction on account creation and the ability to only withdraw funds, the NSEP serves as a bulwark against the perils of excessive gambling.

Future Expansion and Adaptation While the NSEP represents a significant milestone in Cyprus’ quest for safer gambling practices, its journey is far from over. The National Betting Authority (NBA) envisions a dynamic and adaptable platform, poised to evolve in tandem with the shifting contours of the gambling landscape. As the market expands and new challenges emerge, the NSEP pledges to incorporate additional features and fortify its protective mantle, ensuring continued efficacy in safeguarding player interests.

Collaborative Endeavours

Stakeholder Engagement Ioanna Fiakkou, President of the NBA, extends a heartfelt invitation to all stakeholders to partake in the collective endeavour of fostering a sustainable and fair gambling environment. Through collaborative efforts with relevant federations and governmental bodies, the NSEP endeavours to extend its protective umbrella to encompass diverse segments of society, including vulnerable groups and athletes. By amplifying transparency in sports and combating match-fixing, Cyprus reaffirms its unwavering commitment to upholding the integrity of the gambling ecosystem.

Enforcement Efforts and Regulatory Vigilance

Combatting Illegal Gambling Against the backdrop of regulatory initiatives, Cyprus remains resolute in its determination to combat illegal gambling activities that threaten the fabric of the industry. Recent enforcement actions, culminating in six arrests in a raid targeting illicit gambling operations, underscore the government’s unwavering resolve to uphold the rule of law and preserve the sanctity of licensed gambling establishments.


Safeguarding Public Interest As law enforcement agencies intensify their vigilance, perpetrators of illegal gambling activities are met with swift and decisive action, signalling a clear message that transgressions against regulatory norms will not be tolerated. Through stringent enforcement measures and proactive interventions, Cyprus reaffirms its unwavering commitment to safeguarding public interest and fostering a climate of compliance within the gambling industry.

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