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RFET Joins Forces with DGOJ to Combat Sports Betting Fraud in Spain



Strengthening the Shield Against Sports Corruption

In a significant stride towards bolstering sports integrity in Spain, the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) has aligned with the Directorate-General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ) by joining the Global Betting Market Research Service (SIGMA). This partnership marks a pivotal moment in the fight against match-fixing and betting fraud, setting a new benchmark for vigilance and integrity within the sports and betting industries.

SIGMA: A Beacon of Integrity in Sports Betting

SIGMA, a brainchild of legislative advancements to Spain’s 2011 Gambling Act, embodies a comprehensive approach to safeguarding sports from the perils of match-fixing and betting-related corruption. By facilitating a cooperative network that spans licensed gaming operators, the National Sports Council, sports federations, and professional leagues, SIGMA stands as a central repository of data and intelligence aimed at preserving the sanctity of sports competitions.

RFET’s Commitment to Clean Competition

By joining SIGMA, the RFET not only gains access to invaluable insights into betting activities related to tennis but also underscores its unwavering commitment to maintaining the integrity of the sport. The federation’s proactive stance in consulting the monitoring service and contributing to the detection of suspicious betting patterns exemplifies its dedication to a fair and transparent sporting environment.

A Unified Front Against Match-Fixing

The inclusion of the RFET in the SIGMA initiative follows the precedent set by the autonomous Basque region, Euskadi, highlighting the growing coalition of sports bodies and regulators united in the fight against sports betting malpractices. This collaborative effort is essential in fostering a culture of integrity and vigilance, ensuring that sports remain untainted by the influence of illicit betting activities.


Legislative Foundation and Operational Excellence

The genesis of SIGMA under the amendments to Spain’s 2011 Gambling Act illustrates the legislative foresight and commitment to leveraging technology and data analytics in safeguarding sports integrity. The centralized database is a testament to Spain’s innovative approach to combating match-fixing, allowing for the seamless exchange of information among stakeholders and facilitating swift action against suspected fraudulent activities.

National Police Collaboration: A Game-Changer

The partnership between Spain’s national police force and the DGOJ for accessing SIGMA underscores the critical role of law enforcement in the ecosystem of sports integrity. This collaboration enhances the capability to investigate and prosecute cases of match-fixing, reinforcing the legal and regulatory framework that underpins fair play in sports.

Expanding the Network: AFE’s Involvement

The recent addition of the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) to the SIGMA service signifies the expanding scope of the initiative, bringing athletes themselves into the fold of integrity efforts. By involving players’ associations, SIGMA enriches its repository of insights and perspectives, further fortifying the collective defense against corruption in sports.

Conclusion: A New Era of Sports Integrity in Spain

The partnership between the RFET and the DGOJ’s SIGMA service marks a significant milestone in Spain’s ongoing commitment to sports integrity. As more bodies join this initiative, the network’s strength and effectiveness in combating match-fixing and betting fraud continue to grow, promising a future where sports competitions are free from the shadow of corruption. This collaborative approach, supported by legislative rigor and technological innovation, paves the way for a new era of transparency and fairness in Spanish sports and beyond.


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