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Malta Gaming Authority Cancels Genesis Global’s Gaming Licence



Genesis Global’s Licence Cancelled by Malta Gaming Authority: A Compliance Wake-Up Call

Strict Regulatory Measures in Malta’s Gaming Industry

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has taken a decisive step in enforcing compliance by cancelling the B2C gaming licence of Genesis Global. This major move comes after an initial suspension in the previous year, signaling the MGA’s commitment to stringent regulatory oversight in Malta’s thriving online gaming sector. The cancellation effectively bars Genesis Global from operating its 23 gambling websites under Malta’s jurisdiction, including well-known platforms like and

Following this significant regulatory action, the MGA has mandated Genesis Global to fulfill all outstanding financial obligations to the authority. Genesis Global is given a seven-day deadline from the cancellation notice, dated 11 January, to address these requirements. Moreover, the company must submit documentation to the MGA verifying the return of funds to all players across its network, within the same timeframe. Additionally, Genesis must expeditiously remove all mentions of the Malta licence from its websites, aligning with the MGA’s directive.

Genesis Global’s Troubled Year Leading to Licence Cancellation

The cancellation coincides with the winding-up of Genesis Global in December 2022, a year that saw the company’s dramatic collapse. Initially, the MGA suspended the licence shortly after the company’s financial troubles surfaced, and has now proceeded to a full cancellation. The company’s abrupt termination of operations in December 2022, including the dismissal of all employees and the initiation of insolvency proceedings, marked a rapid downfall. This financial instability led to uncertainty over employee wages, with Genesis citing potential inability to meet its payroll commitments.

The decline of Genesis Global was further compounded by the departure of CEO Ariel Reem and the company’s withdrawal from the UK gambling market, although specific reasons for these changes were not disclosed. The company had previously faced a suspension of its UK licence in 2020, though it was later reinstated.


The MGA is now working closely with the appointed liquidator at Genesis, with a primary focus on ensuring players are able to reclaim any funds held by the company. Despite the finality of the licence cancellation, the MGA acknowledges the possibility of an appeal in this matter.

Malta Gaming Authority’s Increased Vigilance. A Growing Trend of Licence Suspensions and Cancellations

Genesis Global’s case is not an isolated incident in Malta’s gaming landscape. In fact, it reflects a growing trend of heightened vigilance and regulatory action by the MGA. This year alone, two additional businesses – Rush Gaming and Betago – faced similar actions from the authority. Rush Gaming’s licence suspension, though detailed reasons weren’t fully disclosed, is indicative of potential breaches in Malta’s gambling regulations or laws. With operations on and, this suspension affects a significant player in the online gambling market.

Betago, on the other hand, had its licence outright cancelled, mirroring Genesis Global’s fate. The MGA’s strict enforcement in these cases demonstrates a clear message to the online gambling industry: regulatory compliance is non-negotiable, and failure to adhere to Malta’s stringent gambling laws will result in serious consequences.

Malta: A Hub of Online Gambling Regulation. Upholding High Standards in a Thriving Industry

These series of regulatory actions underscore Malta’s reputation as a leading jurisdiction in online gambling regulation. The MGA’s commitment to upholding high standards in the industry is clear, and its actions serve as a deterrent to other operators who might consider flouting the rules. As Malta continues to be a preferred location for online gaming companies, the MGA’s rigorous approach reassures stakeholders – including players and investors – of the market’s integrity and reliability.


For companies operating under Malta’s jurisdiction, these developments serve as a critical reminder of the importance of robust compliance frameworks. The industry is being watched closely, and the MGA is unafraid to take bold steps to ensure that its regulations are respected. In a market where trust and credibility are paramount, adherence to regulatory requirements is not just a legal obligation, but also a business imperative.

In conclusion, the MGA’s cancellation of Genesis Global’s licence, along with its actions against Rush Gaming and Betago, marks a significant moment in Malta’s online gambling sector. It sends a strong signal to the industry about the importance of regulatory compliance and the severe repercussions of non-adherence. For the online gambling community, this is a wake-up call to prioritize and rigorously enforce compliance measures, ensuring the sustainable growth and reputation of this dynamic industry.

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