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Norsk Tipping implemented a loss limit for players aged 20 and below


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Norsk Tipping has recently introduced revised loss limits specifically targeting players who are under the age of 20. This move has garnered positive feedback from a crowd of individuals, showing their approval with thumbs-up gestures.

In the previous month, the government-operated gambling operator in Norway revealed that it had generated nearly $24 million for charitable purposes between January and April through its Grassroots Share (Grasrotandelen) program. This program directs 7% of all wagers made by gamblers towards charitable organizations selected by the players themselves. Additionally, in September 2022, the operator made an announcement that it would cease television advertising of its sports betting services.

Norsk Tipping, in a demonstration of its commitment to responsible gaming and safe gambling practices, has recently announced an upgrade to its policy. The operator has revised the loss limits for players aged 20 and below, setting a maximum limit of NOK 2,000 ($181).

The decision to implement stricter loss limits for younger players stems from data provided by the University of Bergen and the Helpline for gambling addicts, highlighting the higher prevalence of gambling-related issues among this age group. Norsk Tipping’s Director of Responsibility and Communication, Tonje Sagstuen, emphasized the vulnerability of younger customers and their propensity for making poor choices when gambling. Currently, there are approximately 30,000 active players under the age of 20, with around 2,000 of them exceeding the limit of NOK 2,000 ($181) at least once within the past year.

Previously, Norsk Tipping had a monthly loss limit of NOK 20,000 ($1,819) for players of all ages. However, effective from June 1st, the new lower loss limit for players under 20 will be enforced.

Norsk Tipping’s decision to implement stricter loss limits follows similar actions taken by other prominent betting brands across Europe to enhance player protection measures. For instance, Germany introduced a monthly deposit limit of €1,000 ($1,076) in 2021, while Belgium adopted an even more restrictive limit of €200 ($215) per month for deposits in 2022.

The upcoming Gambling Act review White Paper in the United Kingdom also proposes a monthly loss limit of £125 ($156) and an annual limit of £500 ($626) before subjecting players to specific affordability checks. The proposal suggests that the frequency of checks would increase with higher spending levels, with thresholds of £1,000 ($1,252) within a 24-hour period and double that amount within a three-month timeframe.

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