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Malta Gaming Authority Strikes Again: Winners Malta Operations Loses License



In a startling turn of events, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has once again flexed its regulatory muscle.

Winners Malta Operations, a prominent player in the iGaming industry, recently faced the heat as the MGA took decisive action. Join us as we unravel the details of this significant development.

Winners Malta Operations Faces the MGA’s Axe: A Closer Look

Winners Malta Operations, a familiar name in the world of online gaming, found itself in hot water when the Malta Gaming Authority wielded its authority with a license cancellation order. This ruling, effective from January 11th, has left Winners Malta Operations with no choice but to halt its activities under the MGA license.

While the MGA did not publicly divulge the exact reason behind this stern decision, it outlined a series of mandatory steps that Winners Malta Operations must follow promptly.

License Revoked: The Immediate Consequences

In compliance with the MGA’s directives, Winners Malta Operations is required to settle any outstanding fees owed to the authority within a mere five days from the date of license cancellation. Moreover, the operator must take the necessary measures to refund funds to its customers promptly. To add an extra layer of accountability, Winners Malta Operations is obligated to furnish a detailed report to the regulator, confirming the completion of this reimbursement process.


Additionally, the operator must expunge all references to its erstwhile Malta license from its websites to align with the regulatory standards.

The Malta Gaming Authority did provide a glimmer of hope for Winners Malta Operations by stipulating that the decision to revoke the license could be subject to appeal.

MGA’s Stringent Stance: Recent Regulatory Actions

Winners Malta Operations joins a growing list of operators who have found themselves at odds with the vigilant Malta Gaming Authority. In recent weeks, the MGA has been on a spree of suspensions and cancellations.

Notably, Genesis Global’s B2C gaming license met the same fate just days ago. What started with a suspension in January last year culminated in a complete license cancellation, rendering Genesis Global ineligible to offer any form of gambling under the permit. The operator had previously been running a portfolio of 23 websites under this license, including popular platforms like,,,, and


Last week, Rush Gaming faced the suspension of its license until further notice, impacting both the and websites operated by the company. In parallel, Betago, another operator, had its license revoked, with strict directives to return all player funds and eliminate any references to the permit from its online platforms.

As the Malta Gaming Authority continues its crusade for a well-regulated iGaming industry, these developments serve as stark reminders of the stringent oversight in place to protect players and maintain integrity within the sector.

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Danish Regulator Resolves ROFUS Glitch, Ensures Player Protection



Restoring Trust: Danish Regulator Rectifies Self-Exclusion Error to Safeguard Players

Attention all players and stakeholders in the Danish gambling landscape! Prepare to delve into a critical juncture as the Danish gambling regulator, Spillemyndigheden, embarks on a mission to rectify a grievous error in the national self-exclusion platform, ROFUS. In a bid to fortify player protection and uphold the integrity of the gambling ecosystem, Spillemyndigheden navigates through turbulent waters, confronting challenges head-on to ensure a resilient and trustworthy gaming environment. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of this pivotal moment, poised to redefine the contours of player safety and regulatory compliance.

Rectifying the ROFUS Glitch

Identifying the Error In a startling revelation, Spillemyndigheden unveils a critical flaw in the ROFUS platform, jeopardising the efficacy of the self-exclusion mechanism. The error, which affected the renewal process, resulted in approximately 1,200 registered players gaining unauthorised access to gambling activities at land-based casinos and gaming machines. This egregious oversight struck at the heart of player protection, underscoring the imperative for swift and decisive action.

Addressing Player Concerns Faced with mounting complaints from affected players, Spillemyndigheden swiftly mobilised to redress the grievance and restore faith in the integrity of the self-exclusion system. By implementing comprehensive changes to the ROFUS platform, Spillemyndigheden endeavored to rectify the glitch and fortify the safeguards against potential breaches. Furthermore, the regulator demonstrated transparency and accountability by promptly reporting the incident to the Danish Data Protection Agency, affirming its unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance.

Spillemyndigheden’s Assurance

A Commitment to Excellence In the aftermath of the tumultuous episode, Spillemyndigheden issued a resounding declaration of its unwavering commitment to excellence in service delivery. Describing the incident as “regrettable,” the regulator pledged to redouble its efforts in ensuring the stability and reliability of the ROFUS platform—a cornerstone of player protection in the Danish gambling landscape. Through meticulous oversight and proactive measures, Spillemyndigheden endeavors to cultivate a culture of trust and accountability, placing player welfare at the forefront of its priorities.


Navigating Through Challenges: Insights from Gambling Revenue Trends

A Landscape in Flux Against the backdrop of regulatory developments, the Danish gambling industry witnessed modest growth in revenue during the fiscal year 2023. With total gambling revenue rising by 1%, amounting to DKK 6.8 billion (€912 million), the industry grappled with dynamic shifts in consumer preferences and market dynamics. Notably, the burgeoning popularity of online casino gaming emerged as a dominant revenue driver, accounting for 45.28% of all Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), underscoring the evolving landscape of digital gaming experiences.

Trends in Gambling Preferences and Player Behavior

Insights from Regulatory Data Delving deeper into the regulatory data provided by Spillemyndigheden, a nuanced understanding of player behavior and preferences emerges. Despite a marginal decline in betting revenue, online casino gaming experienced a robust surge, with revenue escalating by 5.95% compared to the previous year. This paradigm shift underscores the burgeoning appeal of digital gaming platforms, driven by factors such as convenience, accessibility, and a diverse array of gaming offerings.

Promoting Responsible Gaming: The Role of Self-Exclusion Systems

Upholding Player Welfare As the number of individuals enrolled in the ROFUS self-exclusion system continues to proliferate, Spillemyndigheden reaffirms its steadfast commitment to fostering responsible gaming practices. With over 46,000 individuals enlisted in the program, encompassing both permanent and temporary registrations, the regulator remains vigilant in its efforts to mitigate the adverse effects of problem gambling and provide essential support services through initiatives such as the StopSpillet gambling helpline. Through collaborative endeavors and proactive interventions, Spillemyndigheden endeavors to cultivate a culture of responsible gaming, safeguarding the well-being of players and ensuring the sustainability of the Danish gambling industry.


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