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London Assembly Initiates Comprehensive Inquiry into Gambling’s Health Impact


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In a significant move towards understanding and mitigating the health impacts of gambling in London, the London Assembly has launched a comprehensive inquiry.

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Spearheaded by the Public Health Committee, this inquiry focuses on examining the multifaceted health impacts of gambling within the UK capital. Its ultimate goal is to provide informed policy recommendations to London Mayor Sadiq Khan, aiming to address and reduce gambling-related harms effectively.

The inquiry has initiated a call for responses, seeking firsthand experiences and insights into the current state of support services for gambling-related harm in London’s boroughs. Open until November 29, this consultation invites input on changes in gambling participation, the prevalence of gambling-related harms, and the efficacy of existing support services. The London Assembly is calling on individuals with relevant experience or knowledge to contribute written evidence.

This inquiry presents an opportunity for stakeholders, experts, and affected individuals to influence future gambling policies in London. By submitting written evidence to scrutiny@london.gov.uk with ‘Health Committee call for evidence’ in the subject line, contributors can play a pivotal role in shaping a safer and healthier gambling environment in London.

Further Insights and Context:

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Gambling Commission and OHID Statistics: The London Assembly references data from the Gambling Commission, which estimates that 0.3% of the UK population may engage in harmful gambling. Additionally, the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID) suggests that gambling-related harms in England have a financial impact ranging from £754m to £1.47bn annually.

Dr. Onkar Sahota’s Statement: London Health Committee chair Dr. Onkar Sahota emphasizes the links between harmful gambling and increased rates of suicide, depression, alcohol dependence, and drug use. He highlights the significant cost of gambling-related health harms in England, estimated at up to £1.5bn per year.

Recent Developments in London’s Gambling Landscape: Two years ago, Mayor Sadiq Khan implemented a ban on gambling advertising on The Tube as part of his manifesto pledge. Additionally, London’s gambling scene has seen notable changes, including the closure of its oldest casino, Crockfords in Mayfair, after 195 years due to a decline in customers. This follows the closures of other prominent casinos like The Ritz and The Clermont, impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Inquiry’s Role in Addressing Gambling Harms: The London Assembly’s inquiry into gambling’s health impacts aims not only to understand the scope of the issue but also to guide effective policy-making. This effort aligns with the broader goal of promoting responsible gambling and safeguarding public health in the UK capital.


The London Assembly’s gambling inquiry represents a proactive approach to understanding and addressing the health impacts of gambling in London. Through this inquiry, stakeholders have the chance to contribute to a deeper understanding of the issue and to influence policies that could lead to meaningful changes in the prevention and treatment of gambling-related harms. This inquiry is a crucial step in fostering a safer, more responsible gambling environment in London and sets a precedent for other cities to follow.

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Jerome McNamara
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