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EU Passed New Anti-Money Laundering Regulation



Transforming Financial Oversight: European Parliament Approves Comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering Regulation

In a landmark decision, the European Parliament has ratified a new set of anti-money laundering regulations, heralding a new era of financial security within the EU.

This comprehensive legislative package aims to tighten the noose on illicit financial activities by establishing a unified regulatory framework across member states.

Imagine a seamless financial environment where transparency, consistency, and security are the cornerstones of every transaction.

Explore how these transformative regulations will impact financial institutions and online gambling operators across Europe.


A New Dawn in Financial Regulation

The European Parliament’s recent approval of the EU’s new anti-money laundering (AML) package marks a significant advancement in combating financial crimes within the bloc. This crucial legislative step, taken during the plenary sitting on April 24th, sets the stage for a more robust framework designed to curtail the flow of illicit funds and enhance financial transparency.

Components of the New AML Regulation

The AML package is a composite of several key elements aimed at tightening financial controls:

  1. Single Rulebook Regulation: This component lays down uniform guidelines covering various aspects such as customer due diligence, transparency concerning beneficial owners, and the regulation of crypto-assets. It ensures that all member states adhere to the same high standards of financial scrutiny.
  2. Integration of the 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directive: This directive consolidates national regulations concerning the supervision and establishment of national AML authorities. It also emphasizes the importance of accessible and reliable information like beneficial ownership registers.
  3. Establishment of the European Anti-Money Laundering Authority (AMLA): Perhaps the most pivotal part of the package, AMLA will oversee the supervision of high-risk financial entities and coordinate with national AML authorities to boost the effectiveness of anti-money laundering measures across the EU.

Harmonized Reporting Standards

The introduction of a harmonized reporting format for Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) is a significant advancement. Under AMLA’s oversight, this will standardize the requirements for STRs across all EU member states, which is especially beneficial for Europe’s online gambling operators. This uniformity ensures that these operators face consistent STR requirements regardless of the EU country they operate in, thereby simplifying compliance and reducing administrative burdens.

Industry Response and Implications

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has welcomed the new regulatory changes, recognizing their potential to fortify the EU’s defenses against money laundering. Ekaterina Hartmann, EGBA’s director of legal and regulatory affairs, highlighted the benefits for online gambling operators: “The new framework will set high standards and ensure greater consistency in the application of AML rules across the EU,” she stated. She further noted that operators, particularly those active in multiple countries, will benefit from the single rulebook and harmonized reporting requirements, which simplify the complex national regulations they previously had to navigate.

Review of Industry-Specific AML Guidelines

In response to the new EU rules, EGBA will reevaluate its industry-specific AML guidelines, which were initially developed in 2022. These guidelines provide practical guidance on issues like customer and business risk assessments, customer due diligence, and the necessary record-keeping requirements. They also discuss the intersection of AML practices with safer gambling initiatives.


These guidelines are not only a resource for EGBA members but are also available to all operators within the EU, ensuring widespread accessibility and adherence. In 2022, EGBA member operators reported submitting 16,825 STRs to national Financial Intelligence Units in the EU, highlighting the active engagement of the industry in combating financial crimes.

Looking Forward

As the new AML regulation awaits formal adoption by the Council of the EU and subsequent publication in the EU’s Official Journal in May, stakeholders across the financial and gaming sectors are gearing up to implement these changes. The shift towards a more integrated and unified AML policy framework within the EU promises to enhance the integrity of financial systems, offering a safer, more transparent, and more resilient economic environment.

This overhaul is a testament to the EU’s commitment to safeguarding its financial systems and citizens from the risks of money laundering and financial fraud, ensuring that the bloc remains a secure place for business and innovation. As this new regulation takes effect, it will undoubtedly shape the operational landscapes of various industries, ushering in a new standard for financial compliance across Europe.


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