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Germany’s Surge in Illegal Gambling: An In-depth Examination of an Escalating Crisis


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Germany, once lauded for its precise regulations, finds itself under an unprecedented threat from an expanding black market in the gambling sector. The recent Behörden Spiegel’s Bundeskonferenz zum Glücksspielwesen shed light on this alarming reality, causing a wave of concern throughout the nation.

Wes Himes, representing the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), passionately argued that an effective way to tackle the illegal market is to nurture a robust, competitive, and regulated marketplace. But with critics lambasting the seemingly slow regulatory reforms in Great Britain, many look to Germany’s Gambling Act as the beacon of balanced regulatory standards.

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Germany’s distinctive approach to regulation, which caps online slot stakes at €1 and monthly deposits at €1,000, contrasts with Great Britain’s methods. While some praise the UK’s more lenient system, many participants at the conference highlighted that Germany’s stringent controls might be inadvertently boosting the illegal market.

From Regulations to Realities

Sam Brown, the Chief Executive of Rootz, dissected the implications of re-regulation. Highlighting the surge in illegal online gaming post-regulation, Brown pointed to the decline in average customer deposits from €350 to a mere €150 by August 2023.

An important revelation was the influential role of strict measures like deposit and staking limits in the boom of the black market. Brown advocated for a more tailored approach based on individual player data, rather than blanket restrictions. He estimated a staggering 80% of online slot play is illegally conducted, challenging the claims of Gemeinsame Glücksspielbehörde der Länder (GGL).

The Legal Loopholes and Beyond

Yannick Skulsky, of Hambach & Hambach, delved into the challenges legal operators face. The need for individual game certifications and the absence of B2B licensing creates a gray zone, allowing both legal and illegal brands to exploit the system.

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Adding to the intrigue, Germany’s tangled legal web has players clamoring to reclaim their losses from unlicensed operators. With state courts favoring players but recent Supreme Court rulings possibly altering the landscape, the legal scenario remains in flux.

The Role of Malta’s Bill 55 and Europe’s Perspective

Malta’s Bill 55 has been introduced to shield its licensees from such claims. This move is not only under the European Commission’s radar but also invites scrutiny from the European Court of Justice, which plans to evaluate Germany’s contested Interstate Treaty on Gambling.

A Black Market in Broad Daylight

The growth of the illegal gaming machine market and the proliferation of unlicensed Kaffe Kasinos serve as indicators of an omnipresent black market in Germany. Burkhard Blienert from the Federal Council on Addiction and Drug Issues sounded alarms on the issue. Law enforcement has also flagged the allure of illegal gambling for criminal groups, owing to its low risk and high profit margins.

The national perspective, however, is focused on curbing illegal gambling while maintaining strict controls on the regulated market. Manfred Stoffers of the Gauselmann Group offered a glimmer of hope, asserting that transparent activities under regulation can be better managed.

Yet, the echoing sentiment, two years post the GGL’s inception of igaming regulation, remains that Germany’s firm regulatory framework might inadvertently be the wind beneath the black market’s wings.

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