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Danish gambling regulator brings attention to violations by Danske Licens Spil



Stricter Compliance Measures Demanded from Danish Operator

The Danish gambling regulator, Spillemyndigheden, has brought forward two charges against Danske Licens Spil, focusing on lapses in anti-money laundering (AML) practices. The first charge identifies a failure in conducting comprehensive checks on a high-volume player, as required under section 17, subsection 1 of the Danish Money Laundering Act. This oversight by Danske Licens Spil highlights the critical importance of vigilant monitoring in transactions to prevent financial crimes.

In a second charge, the operator fell short of its duties under section 26, subsection 1 of the Money Laundering Act by not reporting two suspected instances of money laundering involving the same customer. While Spillemyndigheden has opted not to take direct action against Danske Licens Spil, citing that these violations are no longer occurring, the charges underscore the regulator’s commitment to rigorous enforcement of AML regulations.

Royal Scandinavian Casino Århus Under Regulatory Scrutiny

Simultaneously, Spillemyndigheden has directed the land-based Royal Scandinavian Casino Århus to overhaul its risk assessment and business procedures. This intervention follows discoveries of multiple breaches in Denmark’s Money Laundering Act, including insufficient identification processes and risk evaluations of customers, particularly those with political exposure or under financial sanctions. These directives aim to reinforce the integrity of gambling operations and safeguard the sector from being exploited for illicit activities.

Strong Performance in Sports Betting and Online Casinos

Despite the regulatory challenges, the Danish gambling market has exhibited robust growth. Spillemyndigheden reported a notable year-on-year revenue increase, with a 14% rise in March to DKK 599 million (€80.4 million) and a 4.8% increment in April to DKK 639 million (€85.75 million). This upsurge is driven significantly by sports betting, which saw a remarkable 38% revenue jump in March and an 11% increase in April. The online casino segment also demonstrated growth, achieving DKK 226 million in March (up 14%) and DKK 257 million in April (up 6.3%).


Ensuring Compliance for Future Growth

The charges against Danske Licens Spil serve as a stark reminder for all operators in the Danish gaming industry to adapt their practices to meet regulatory demands, especially in AML compliance. The Danish gambling market’s growth potential is evident from the increasing revenue figures. However, maintaining this growth trajectory hinges on the industry’s ability to foster trust and integrity through stringent compliance with regulatory standards.

For Danske Licens Spil, the directive from Spillemyndigheden is an opportunity to strengthen its compliance framework and regain confidence from both the regulator and its customers. It’s a clear signal that the industry must prioritize responsible gambling practices and rigorous AML checks to ensure a safe and fair gambling environment.

The Way Forward for Danish Gaming Industry

Balancing Growth with Regulatory Compliance

As the Danish gaming industry continues to expand, balancing growth with adherence to regulatory norms remains paramount. The rise in sports betting and online casino revenue demonstrates the market’s vibrancy and potential. However, this potential can only be fully realized in a well-regulated environment where operators like Danske Licens Spil and Royal Scandinavian Casino Århus adhere to the highest standards of compliance.


The actions taken by Spillemyndigheden reflect the regulator’s commitment to ensuring a transparent and fair gaming environment in Denmark. As the industry evolves, continuous collaboration between regulators, operators, and other stakeholders will be crucial in shaping a sustainable and responsible gaming landscape.

In conclusion, the recent developments in the Danish gambling market, marked by regulatory charges and impressive revenue growth, highlight the dynamic nature of the industry. As Danske Licens Spil addresses its compliance challenges, the entire sector must embrace a culture of rigorous regulatory adherence to sustain its growth and reputation on the global gaming stage.

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