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Eaton Gate Gaming faces ASA sanctions due to a violation in their Kwiff advertisement


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Eaton Gate Gaming, an online gaming company, has received sanctions from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK for engaging in improper targeting with a gambling advertisement. The company promoted its Kwiff online gaming brand on the Portsmouth FC website within an article related to the Junior Blues, a club for young fans.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has penalized Eaton Gate Gaming for violating regulations that prohibit gambling advertisements from being targeted towards individuals under the age of 18. The company contested the ASA’s decision, arguing that the advert appeared on the general news section of the Portsmouth FC website rather than on a page specifically designed for Junior Blues members or young people.

Eaton Gate Gaming claimed to have used a precise and accurate behavior tool to ensure that the ad reached the appropriate audience, excluding individuals under 18 through targeting based on age, location, and interests. They pointed out that the ASA’s guidelines recommend the use of relevant tools for targeting and minimizing the likelihood of the protected age category viewing the ads.

Although Eaton Gate Gaming acknowledged the slight possibility of the ad being seen by a minor, the ASA upheld its initial ruling. The ASA emphasized the importance of evaluating the context in which an ad appears, in this case, alongside an article titled “Join the Junior Blues,” which discussed membership packages for young supporters. The article’s content exclusively catered to individuals under 18, and the presence of a cartoon representation of the Portsmouth FC mascot further compounded the targeting issue.

According to the ASA, due to the advertisement being displayed on a web page directed at individuals below the age of 18, it failed to comply with the rules regarding gambling advertising.

In a separate incident, the ASA recently required BetVictor to remove a social media advertisement featuring Barcelona players Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets. The ad, which included the BetVictor logo and asked followers to vote for the most underrated player, was deemed to violate the Committee on Advertising Practice’s (CAP) new guidelines on the use of public figures who appeal to individuals under 18.

Jerome McNamara
Jerome McNamara
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