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Brazil’s Commission of Deputies has established its work agenda for the regulation of sports betting.


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The Chamber of Deputies’ Parliamentary Commission of Investigation (CPI), established in April, has set its work agenda. Led by Felipe Carreras, the commission’s primary objective is to investigate potential instances of match-fixing related to sports betting. This inquiry comes in the wake of Operation Maximum II, conducted by the Goiás Public Ministry (MPGO) since the beginning of the year, and the ongoing discussions surrounding the regulation of sports betting.

On its inaugural day, the commission received seven requests from deputies to access the MPGO’s investigation and summon various individuals involved. Notably, one proposal advocated for prohibiting bets on negative aspects of the game, such as reprimands, penalties, and corner kicks.

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Recently, the Parliamentary Investigation Commission, chaired by Júlio Arcoverde (PP-PI), approved invitations for members of the Goiás MP to attend the proceedings, provide clarifications, and collaborate in the investigations. The requests for summons and invitations were voted on collectively.

During the session, Deputy Jilmar Tatto (PT-SP) suggested that the proceedings should not be conducted through public hearings, but rather through testimonies, invitations, or summonses within the ICC meetings to avoid compromising the ongoing investigations.

Tatto expressed his hopes that Brazilian soccer remains unharmed as it is a national passion that unites the country. He emphasized the importance of preventing any actions that could undermine the integrity of sports. He stated, “Sport should not lose its reputation in Brazil. It is our responsibility, along with the police and the Public Ministry, to put an end to this.”

In light of this, it was decided to invite Fernando Cesconetto, a prosecutor from Goiás, and Cyro Terra Peres, the MP-GO attorney general, to testify before the commission and provide clarity on the investigations conducted by the MP-GO. Additionally, a request was approved to obtain all relevant information, documents, and legal resources from the Goiás State Public Ministry to support the ICC’s work.

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Work agenda

Deputy André Figueiredo (PDT-CE), the Vice President of the ICC, has proposed that all the requests (which numbered over 130 at the first meeting) be collectively voted on at the next meeting to prevent the Commission from being excessively consumed by prolonged debates and voting on individual applications.

Subsequently, he presented the work plan, outlining that the CPI’s completion is scheduled for September 28. The timeline is as follows:

  • May 30 to July 13: Meetings, public hearings, official missions, and other necessary tasks.
  • July 18 to 31: Parliamentary recess.
  • August 1 to September 14: Continuation of meetings, hearings, missions, and proceedings.
  • Until September 18: Presentation of the CPI report proposal.
  • September 19 and 21: Discussion of the CPI report proposal.
  • September 26 and 28: Voting on the draft report of the CPI and submission to the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies.
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